Saying goodbye to my first *really grown-up* apartment (Toronto Life Ep. 495)

So I found this post languishing in my Drafts (not with the same blog post title, of course). Oooops, I forgot to post my “apartment tour”. Amongst some other stuff going on, my landlord is selling the condo after owning it about 16 months. Since the 600 sq ft property was listed on December 1, about three people viewed it while I was in town and there was some four showings while I was away for Christmas. He’s asking close to $400,000 and in this market, that’s why it hasn’t yet sold. This is the second time within two years that I’m potentially out of a house because the condo is being sold… I want my own condo!

Anyways, here is the apartment tour in photos, a mix of images from early on to recently taken images.

Entrance way has hall closet with mirror sliding doors and on the left is the laundry closet with just enough room for a stacking washer and dryer. Door on the right is the washroom and door ahead is the bedroom. Kitchen and living area is just around the corner.

View of the kitchen from the balcony end of the apartment. It’s my “dream” condo kitchen. I had cabinet space galore, granite counter tops, glassy smooth induction stove, undermount double kitchen sink, all the nice touches. Too bad I’m not a really great cook! Still, the great space made it a joy to cook, prepare meals.

The kitchen practically runs into the living room (see floor plan below) but I created a “divider” with a long thin table and my paltry set of furniture did not run into the kitchen such that I was lounging in my kitchen.

View of the living room from edge of kitchen and living room. The sofa faces the north window, a “breath-taking” view up Bay Street to Old City Hall with the decrepit rooftop of Union Station just below. If I had a television, I would have a challenge for where to put it with the choices being on the one wall and then your back would be to the large window, or mounted on the pole and the latter option sounds unaesthetic to me. Maybe that’s why the place hasn’t sold, prospective buyers can’t figure out where to put the TV!

My attempt to create a pano shot of the hall-kitchen-living room with my Samsung phone camera.

After living for six years in a well laid-out studio in a building as old as I am, I was adamant to have a bedroom (amongst other criteria to live near work, on a high floor, in a new place). It was a really fair size and my sanctuary in the fall when the going got rough and I got sick and just wanted to hide out all day. The view, while not waking to stare out on the sparkling lake or CN Tower, is really business-like: industrial lands and westbound Gardiner traffic. The traffic I saw at morning rush hour wasn’t so bad; from radio reports, it sounded far worse for the eastbound folks.

The dividing table in its first location in the kitchen.

The bathroom was bright and new with nice tiles in the bath and on the floor. I loved my enormous mirror, granite counter top and fancy faucet and sink.

Little touches to make the place home: my “guard dog”, “W” mat, an obnoxious amount of cabinet space such that I had a tea and tealight cabinet, and rotating shelf in the pantry.


Now we’ve toured the inside, what about the 127 sq ft world’s most under-used balcony? I’m not really a balcony person and it faces east so it’s only warm in the morning and for the rest of the day the twelve or so floors above me provided ample shade.

Are you afraid of heights? I’m not! I saw that this courtyard was listed as a Toronto POPS (privately-owned public space).

The floor planfloor plan

The view. I could see my office building and early during my stay I would sit on my couch and just watch that “symphony of lights” that was the flickering on and off lights on different floors across different buildings all night. My office faced north so I could not actually see that. The CN Tower is around the corner to the left, I have zero view of it. Back in May, I blogged about the view from my doorstep.

north view

All set up for some entertainin’. I desperately lack seating options.

ready for a party

In the beginning, furniture was in boxes and so was all of my possessions.

ikea delivery day

In the end, everything is boxed up again.

On this day..