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In the afternoon after Day 3 of my new job, I was sauntering on Georgia Street (I really was) and I wasn’t on the phone but I was gripping it with one hand. I rolled my ankle on some uneven pavement or a soil bed and went down (“PK’ed”, NPY likes to say). Some sensible instinct in me made me roll onto my side rather than break my fall with my hands and crack my phone case (again). I lay on the street (thank goodness it wasn’t wet) for a shocked moment before most pitifully collecting myself and getting up.

Great, just what I needed. I had an interview the next morning and dared not wear heels and what would the interviewers be but both really tall Amazonian women. Most Awkward Interview Ever. But an interview a week later with a different partner went much better.

I took spraining my ankle as a sign that I haven’t done ballet or run in far too long and my ankle’s proprioception is beyond pathetic.

In the physical activity/sports I do, I merely participate and am happy enough with the fitness aspect. I would benefit much more and be continuously engaged if I make goals against which I can measure my progress. Thus, here are my ballet and flexibility goals for the year, in no particular order:

  • Do front splits without discomfort – I’ve been able to do the splits since I was a teenager and it’s one of those things it seems I can “retain”
  • Do side splits (aka straddle or middle splits) – I’m very far from this
  • Do standing split – both against a wall and away from a wall
  • In a V-stretch, be able to lean forward and put my chest to the ground – I can only put forearms but it seems to be as much as a willingness to be uncomfortable as it is about flexibility
  • À la second position – be able to dégagé, fondue, arabesque, developé to this position above the hip – I can kick my leg à la second (e.g., grande battement) but moves that are slower and require more control and that comes from core strength
  • Pirouette one-rotation consistently on both legs – it’s both technique and mental
  • Go en pointe – just relevé and some walking around

Let’s check in on this in a few months, okay?

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