ye olde tea cabinet

I love tea.

… My two regular orders at Starbucks are “short non-fat chai tea latte extra hot” and “grande hot passion tea, no room”. On the latter, recently I was complimented by a barista for know what I want. Yeah, that’s me. ;-)

… As a nod to the Passion tea I drink from Starbucks, I named my wireless network in Toronto “passion fruit”. “hot passionfruit” is a handle I use at some sites.

… When I missed out in 2011 on the Davids Tea advent calendar, I set a reminder to myself in November 2012 to buy it. I still missed it in stores and had to order it online and paid for shipping. (Which was really dumb of me, I know.)

… I was spoiled for cabinet space in my last apartment and had a whole tea cabinet. It was glorious.

… Prior to going to Halifax for Christmas on December 18, I carefully labeled the advent tea for December 18-24 with steeping instructions yet kept the actual flavour a surprise for myself. I prepared tea for my sister and mother every day and mum got quite into the habit of our afternoon tea!

… At one point, I was religiously drinking Slim Tea in those evergreen boxes you get from T&T. It was a little bitter and I got used to it but, unsurprisingly it had no effect. Best just to stick with natural pu’ erh that appears in “skinny” tea formulas.

… I was totally stoked to see Jen’s Tea-mendous blog post describing her own tea collection and introducing me to strocel’s Tea Stash Challenge which I am happy to participate in

… In her blog post, Jen mentioned how she gave Moroccan tea as wedding favours and I thought that is an appropriate favour for me and NPY as well if ever ….

… I tell NPY that what he could really, really get me … is a Davids Tea franchise. :-)

I guess that since I just moved, my tea collection is in a little more order than otherwise. Most of my tea is unimaginatively from Davids Tea and I’ve been hoarding the (good) stuff although tea will get stale over time. Strawberry and mango are flavours overrepresented in my tea collection with one or the other appearing in two Strawberry Whites I have, mango green tea from Whittard of Chelsea and Daydreamer by Davids Tea. I made the ill-fated decision to get chocolate chai at Loblaws when I don’t even bother to make chai at home. I still have a cup or two of tea leaves for most of the 2012 tea advent calendar and, yes, that is the Wine Collection of Davids Tea that I haven’t yet started in on!

My goal is to methodically work from the  oldest tea to the newest while maintaining some variety to our daily cup of tea before getting more tea.


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