February 2013 Canada Glossy Box

This is my first review since November’s box last year and here’s what happened. I redirected my December box to a friend who was curious about Glossy Box as a birthday gift. And through a mix-up that I totally predicted would happen, I didn’t get my January box until way after others so I didn’t blog about it. Now, I’m back on track and just in time for the February 2013 box, Glossy Box Canada’s 12th and thus anniversary box, which I received on the first of March.

I had gotten a glimpse on Twitter that the box was something special – black instead of pink and printed with a bright pink bow. The black and pink theme continues with the products as well as a complementary (?) splash of green. On first shake, the February box is not so very heavy but I liked this month anyhow. Maybe all you have to do to impress me is change the box colours … but that is not cost-effective.

Macadamia Natural Oil Healing Oil Treatment
30 mL / $13.50
I had been hearing about Macadamia oil through mentions on the Glossy Box Twitter feed so I wasn’t surprised to see this product. Macadamia Natural Oil products contain macadamia nut and argan oil and they have hair care and style products. I would so much rather receive shampoo but a 10 oz. bottle that you could really use is $21 and so the 30 mL of healing oil will stretch much further. The website sells the healing oil as a spray but there is no spray nozzle on this sample so delivery will be more difficult. Once delivered, the product promises to nourish, detangle, keep frizz-free, and provide UV protection, amongst other features.
Tried it: The oil is a viscuous and a little gooey which is good because it doesn’t just spill off your hand and I do feel like I’ve applied something to my hair instead of it absorbing in my hand. It seems nourishing. While it didn’t smell like it on my hand, my hair smells like I washed it in something musky like Irish Spring or Zest.

Biore Deep Cleansing Pore Strips
6 strips / $9.99
Not a new product or very exciting but nice to receive six strips even if home-made versions and formula abound, just check YouTube. DIY versions require more effort on your part so ready-made pore strips are a bit of a luxury in my opinion. Small luxury.

essence quattro eyeshadow in 06 rock angel
5g / $3.99
What a pretty eyeshadow palette of complementary greens. Oh wait, if you can see the colours in an entirely plastic and see-through case, this is not a luxury brand. Indeed, when I checked the accompanying Glossy Box postcard, I thought there was a typo in the price but I can see it being right and a check at the drugstore (where I believe I have seen this line before) will confirm that. I can see Glossies being disappointed to see this brand in the box. It definitely brought the fun factor and make me imagine how I can pull off this colour palette.

Givenchy Lip Gloss in 03 Coral Frenzy
3.5 mL ($30 for 6.5 mL)
It’s nice to see a designer brand included and this size of lip gloss is highly portable and easy to pack. Not only that, coral is still a popular colour for clothing and make-up this year.

anatomicals you need a blooming shower! body cleanser in your nose smells rose
150 mL / $3.00
The rose scent of this body wash precedes this product in bubblegum pink bright packaging. I don’t see an anatomicals website but the European/UK origin of this line is unmistakeable when you search for it and find it is sold on Amazon UK and Asos. It’s a bargain item compared to US products which is a nice break from otherwise high prices in the UK and a unique item and brand to include which is good enough for me.
Tried it: The product wasn’t overly special. The scent in my Glossy Box was rose scent through and through. I would have loved scentsĀ  like shower to the people (grapefruit and lemongrass), i’ve had the thyme of my life (cypress and thyme), New York, London, Paris and Foam (fashionably fruity), and been intrigued by java lather (coffee buzz), the showering inferno (hot and fiery), i should be so mucky (your downunders). Check out the website – it is cheeky.

Bonus – Eucerin Hyal-Urea Anti-wrinkle Day/Night Cream Duo
2x 1.5 mL ($18.50 for 50 mL)
This is such a European brand the website refers to us as “Northern America” and the Canada link brings you to a website in French; so I visit the US website. The brand looks very clinical and infers the products were created in consultation with dermatologists. Each of the day and night cream satchels is single use in quantity.
Tried it: Each 1.5 mL satchel is about two uses including application at your neck (don’t forget that area!). It is seriously scent-free and feels a little sticky but it washes off easily the next morning.

Bonus – Crabtree & Evelyn Tarocco Orange Eucalyptus & Sage Ultra-moisturizing Hand Therapy
5g sample ($8 for 25g)
Yay for giving us a sample of the new collection at Crabtree & Evelyn. Their Hand Therapy products are lovely and thick and effective and I love to get a good size (single use) sample to get to know the scent and – in this case – not be stuck with excess.
Tried it: The website’s images of the Tarocco oranges make them look like blood oranges and I expected a heady orange scent. It was tempered with the herbs scent and was refreshing and therapeutic at once. I like their Citron, Honey & Coriander collection better though.

Bonus – Glossybox Cupcake Kit
I won’t be baking until I have my own place again and when i do, it will be Glossy style!

It was really nice to get a Glossy Box again, celebrate their anniversary with them and open a box around the same time as the other Canadian Glossies. Its value isn’t as high as it has been before but I think it was as good effort to include five different brands amongst the samples (and two more different ones as bonus) where just one of the five (Biore) was very ho-hum.

Monthly box fee: $21
Box value: ~$45.48

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