one bachelorette evening

i want to check in and explain why i haven’t been writing so much but there isn’t so much of an excuse. every day life is routine and not worthy of a mention. i’m busy but most of it isn’t what i would normally write about.

that being said, i had a nice friday evening which only a bachelorette can pull off. that was the temporary situation while NPY was out to dinner/drinks/what-not. the whole package consisting of the following activities and made for a pleasant singleton evening:

  • snacking on kettle corn while i made dinner
  • made a carb-free/gluten-free dinner – i’m not “one of those” paleo/gf people but i was just too lazy to make rice and made “zucchini noodles” instead – NPY is a carb-monster who prefers rice or a real noodle
  • read more of the longest novel i’ve ever endeavoured to read
  • do my requisite 10 pages of readings – isn’t it just murphy’s law how the study time expands to fill all the time you have? – fortunately i did wrap up and have time before bedtime
  • i have to admit that continuous was hindered by conducting several conversations in text/what’s app
  • one of my favourite app discoveries has been songza – for studying, i put on an indie mix to get the “coffee shop” feel – toward the end of reading, i put on “classical for sleeping” but switched to “’90s dance hits” for dishes and some “illustration” i got into my mind to do tonight
  • i think i was alone in the house with all other “housemates” having outside social activities all evening; in any case, plugging in with earphones, i didn’t have to hear the alarm’s entry/exit beeps, you know, the prosaic reality

some days i don’t think life is so great, a stark contrast to last year and the years before. but it’s a matter of perspective. the current co-habitation scenario is entirely new to me and i do feel better after two months than i did after the first. as an experimentalist, i find the issues we come across to sometimes be those really cliche ones but other ones are kind of fascinating. it’s all a growing experience for us.

adding studying to my plate feels like a drag to say the least and i only have one “day off” during the week. but i know that being able to study is a luxury and in the not-too-distant future i will probably be shifting my priorities and just die for me-time.

On this day..