April 2013 Canadian Glossy Box (aka The Final Installment)

I don’t even have time to think about the contents. Just a photo. Maybe a listing later if I’m lucky.

First impression: I do not see how this had value ….

Edit: It turns out the April box was the last one for Glossy Box Canada and I didn’t even get around to commenting on the products. I knew I wasn’t getting a May box because I forgot to update my credit card information but then noticed in early June that there was no chatter on their Twitter feed about the May box mail-out and finally visited their website. Darn – I might have been able to redeem points and gotten my last one for free! In any case, it’s just as well because my storage is severely restricted and I can start up a subscription with a different company. Or make myself beautiful from the inside with a gym membership with the same monthly cost! [9 June 2013]

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