a pretty neat week (10 days)

i know it’s a poor attitude to have but since taking my final exam last friday, life has been so much better! it’s not like i wasn’t doing my work throughout the semester like i might have with, uhm, other courses, but anxiety was certainly high as i reviewed material and felt i could know it all better and then each day was a small build up of regret that i hadn’t study just a bit more the day before. in any case, i made good use of my first week “off”. this girl is not lazing around this summer!

friday (immediately after the exam): i joined the boys who were having a birthday dinner + drinks at The Keg in yaletown and we hopped down the street to Earls. birthday boy had reason to celebrate, and so did i!

saturday: we celebrated father’s day a day early for NPY’s father with dim sum lunch. then we spent the afternoon with NPY’s brother and gf looking at venues and party planning.¬†that party planning has been on hold for a month or more.

sunday: it looks like i was being lazy but i watched a bit of NPY’s back-to-back softball games and explored the trails around Hume Park in new west. i was also listening to, non-stop, Lynn Chen’s reading of Crazy Rich Asians. in the evening, i made reservations to Seasons in the Park because i hadn’t been to before and it was a special occasion (seven years of dating, to the day). NPY was skeptical thinking it wouldn’t be anything great and we usually go for something really sumptuous like french food. it was prime rib night and there’s nothing bad you can say about that. and compared to a french restaurant in any old part of town, we got to hang out in queen elizabeth park.

monday: i rsvp’ed “yes” to a company event which was to take in a baseball game, the Vancouver Canadians’ home opener. we each had several vouchers to spend at the concession stand and it was a chill and social evening. i did yoga barre at lunch time because i otherwise wasn’t getting any physical activity in.

tuesday: i returned to a power barre class after two weeks and i love that class! the participants are just more serious, less “yaley-town” and the workout is still new to me so that it is interesting. even if we spend longer on each target muscle group, she inserts variation within to make the (painful) time go by just as quickly as my usual class 15 minutes shorter. after barre class, i deserved a late dinner (maybe) and finally got to try half-off tuesday at society. we hadn’t really spent time and had dinner with t&b before so that was nice way to kick off my summer.

wednesday: chill night. make delicious turkey minchee and steamed vegetables and was quite proud of myself to send NPY to work the next day with a large container of rice and vegetables and “soong” (the minchee) just like his chinese male colleagues bring to work every day. we watched a couple episodes of homeland which we had to put on hold when my exam neared. NPY had a hockey game so i had the place to myself for a few hours and i read – bliss!

thursday: while i had registered for a networking event a month ago (and only because the speaker would discuss the application of social media to our field), only over last weekend i learned the book launch for Crazy Rich Asians is the same night. i couldn’t leave for the book launch without missing the entire soc med discussion. i showed up for the networking beforehand then nipped off to the book launch after reading the handout on the soc med talk and yawned. asian-american literature is undoubtably a passion of mine so i had to go.

friday: i organized¬†badminton-followed-by-dinner evening with a couple of couples who haven’t seen each other in a while and i don’t see them enough either. 99% of the time we go out with friends, there is food. i’m so glad it was offset with exercise this time! one neat observation f&e made is that at their wedding last summer, all of the couples at our table (#11) got engaged. as a consequence, f&e received – not one – but two invitations in the same evening from us and g&c! for me, an interesting contrast in styles.

saturday: we were off to the washington state primarily to go to Red Lobster. we shopped at a alderwood mall and the outlets, costco and trader joe’s as well (the usual) but we went 90 minutes into washington where the first Red Lobster is when our quick trips these days aren’t as far south. the meal looked deceptively reasonable in size but we had a waking siesta (i.e., couldn’t move) in our long booth immediately after lunch!

sunday: finally, a lie-in! we could leisurely prepare for going out in the evening. we watched the Broadway Across Canada production of Les Mis! there was a time in uni when i listened to the soundtrack non-stop but i’ve never seen the musical and i never finished reading the abridged version of the novel. it was all new to NPY who has now been enlightened on an important cultural piece of work. and although i should be noodled out, i had wanted to go to deer garden signatures friday and/or saturday so we finally made it there!

the next week is still action-packed but far less diverse. whewf – i don’t know if i couldn’t have handled it anyways…!

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