first extra long weekend

sometimes i tell npy something like a work event or a perk and he says, “well, isn’t it nice to work for your company?” yes!!

this past weekend was the first of three extra-long weekends in the summer, one extra firm-granted vacation day to extend a three-day weekend to four. all weekend, i marveled how many more days we had left … i worried that i might forget which day to go back to work!

this is how the weekend played out:

  • friday – i was keen to get some exercise in and we were invited to play beach volleyball with friends of friends. we even got to Spanish Banks and walked by where the net was set up but i spontaneously had an allergic reaction to, well, the general outdoors. so we went to Badminton Vancouver with the aim of at least one hour of rallying, drills and games. we stayed for 90 minutes.
  • saturday – i set aside saturday for my extended family to meet NPY’s parents – finally! after seven years! – but his parents couldn’t make it and it was just my family. my aunt gave me some party planning tips and told me some family history while NPY entertained my uncle and grandmother. we had early dinner with pregnant ladies who each have a toddler daughter and learned just how very accommodating White Spot is to families. i wonder if their waitstaff training manual has a section about serving families compiled from their experience. since it was still early, we watched This Is The End. i would not have noticed this movie, thinking it was one of those spoofs like Scary Movie, were it not for NPY and i like to catch the points when he is entertained and LLOLs (literally laughs out loud).
  • sunday – to “make up for” not having lunch the day before, we lunched with NPY’s parents at a place that shall not be named (that we’ve learned not to patronize with his mother, or ever again). then we were off to Golden Ears Park and i marveled how we barely had to enter Coquitlam and i thought we were in the countryside. :P the park was close enough to a municipality i had heard of (Maple Ridge) to feel we hadn’t ventured uncomfortably far. NPY’s brother girlfriend characterized the set-up as “glamping” since we could pull right up to their campsite by car and unload all of your creature comforts. we spent six hours in the car-dotted campsite/wilderness with NPY’s brother and girlfriend, chilling, cooking, playing Settlers of Catan and… playing Candy Crush (that was NPY, not me).
  • monday – even if Canada Day festivities got more scenic with the location shift to Jack Poole Plaza (read: near Olympic Torch), i’m still loathed to join Canada Day Crowds. we entertained family who visited at home and leisurely set out and met up with friends to catch a matinee screening of World War Z. fifteen minutes into the movie, i thought it might be a Big Mistake. i despise all talk and fuss about zombies* and the movie had a horror element on top of it. in between the action and horror, approaching the zombie problem like a pandemic outbreak and roping in the WHO delighted me. we had noodle soup dinner (my favourite) with friends then strolled at the night market, nice and far from the crowds bunched around beautiful Coal Harbour, waiting for fireworks.
  • tuesday – (it blows my mind a little to not be going to work on a tuesday and i have to check i didn’t just forget to go to work) it was the “Big (fake) Day”, getting our pictures professionally taken, some where we’re all dressed up and some casual. i found i primped in preparation less than the next person (i shouldn’t be so surprised) and as the day approached i just started to get nervous – “oh crap, i’m not ready!!” let’s just get it over with…! we would not have wanted to have our pictures taken outside over the weekend with so many tourists and weekend tourists milling about so i’m most happy that i could use my “free” vacation day so productively. i would never have forgiven vancouver if it rained and i had to take an extra day off from my dwindling supply just to take pictures. it was a gruelling day – two hours in hair and make-up followed by three hours in the studio then four and half hours outdoors. i could only do that once in my life! we have new appreciation for what fashion models have to go through!

* as a variant of “monsters”, zombies are fascinating to the general public for their gruesome and destructive attributes. but given i follow tech and science news/chatter, i feel like i’m under attack from all sides. tech nerds who want to be prepared for any inevitability from earthquake to a hard drive crashing include zombie attacks because such a reference is so, like, hip and fun or something. it just reeks of nerd to me. and the science people who make analogies between a zombie outbreak and pandemic infectious disease outbreak are taking shortcuts in “knowledge translation”, in my opinion, pandering to the lowest hanging fruit, sensationalizing their research by throwing in the word “zombie”. ugh.

On this day..