Booked up

At one point back in June I looked at my calender and was pleased to see that I didn’t have a free Saturday or weekend from mid-July until mid-September. And my weekday after-work schedule was hitting a pleasant routine.

During the week, I faithfully knocked off:

  • Yoga Barre on Monday lunch hour
  • Power Barre Tuesday in the evening
  • Badminton either Wednesday or Friday evening (on account of trying to use up our Red Pocket Badminton Vancouver 5-day pass, of which we enthusiastically purchased several)
  • 90 minutes of ballet class after work on Thursdays

Granted, I would then take a two or three day break from physical activity over the weekend, usually. That’s why it was so important to me to try to schedule social activities around something active. I’m not outdoorsy but I’ll hike to spend time with friends.

Then, this is what happened every weekend for that eight-week stretch:


  • July 20 – day trip to Bowen Island with 8K hike and other activities
  • July 27 – my cousin’s stagette where I wasn’t going to miss the stand up paddle boarding part of it as wine tasting and a scrummy dinner followed


  • August 2-5 (long weekend) – Jack & Jill trip with friends to the Okanagan
  • August 10-11 – super-early Saturday morning start to head to cousin’s wedding and whirlwind first visit Ucluelet and Tofino (Vancouver Island), stopping in Coombs and Parksville on the way back
  • August 16/17/18 – an evening in my honour organized by my thoughtful future SILs; WordCamp Vancouver on Saturday and one of the favourite (but long) Vancouver-area hikes, to Garibaldi Lake, on Sunday
  • August 23-25 – a girlfriend’s wedding on the 24th, bookended by a flurry of moving, unpacking and setting up a new apartment… all the physical requirements for that stands in for my usual extra-curriculars!


  • August 30-September 1 (long weekend) – Lil’ Sis is in town for the first time in five or six years so a lot of stuff to show her, family to visit, and tying up loose ends
  • September 5-8 – parents arrive in town on September 5 and all the associated dinners and preparations leading up to the big party NPY and I are throwing on September 7…

And… with something of a sigh of relief, the summer concludes. The autumn looks no less busy but not quite so crazy.

On this day..