Condo art: Wendy Naimath’s Vibrational Interconnections

Amazing, I’ve lived in my current building for two months and only recently noticed the artist information text for the art that adorns the entire largest wall of each of the two elevators. The new knowledge might not have impressed upon me much except the two titles I saw were “Boson I” and “Non-Euclidean” for two framed pieces in the lobby. Science as art? Consider my interest piqued. Too bad it wasn’t microbial art or X-ray photography – that would truly be after my heart as I’m not so big on physical particles.

When Lil’ Sis visited in August, she distinctly hated it. I mean, it’s so in-your-face in the elevator where, some mornings, we could use far more a full length mirror and subtle imagery. The condo went with the brown piece named “Balance” in one elevator and the blue piece named “Kindness” for the other. Let’s forget about those physical particle names altogether–this is abstract art, pure and simple. It’s crude, but what do those many circles with raised edge look like to you? Colour condoms. Yup, that’s what I see.

Despite having two websites – Delicious Photography and Niamath Art – I didn’t find information for the inspiration and technique behind these pieces. Why did the framed two-toned pieces have physics-inspired titles? How was the oil laid down on canvas to create the shapes and how do the shapes and/or colour evoke the titles like “Radiance” and “Grounding”?



Instead of the “Balance” piece, I would have preferred any of the green, orange or red ones. Or the more cohesive design that is “Wisdom”. That’s too bad.

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Wendy Niamath is a graduate of Emily Carr University of Art + Design on Granville Island and it’s great to see her collections get picked up and I can see a trend. Her nature-inspired “Ice” and “Stanley Park” collections are on display at the Sheraton One Wall Centre downtown. And now I know that when we were looking for a party venue, we saw her “Green” collection at the Westin Wall Centre in Richmond. Thus, the Wall Centre development company continues their support of Ms. Niamath by showing displaying Vibrational Interconnections in their Wall Centre False Creek development which I call home. Come to think of it, the other three towers of my development must be displaying other pieces of the Vibrational Interconnections series that I prefer more. Oh, lucky them!

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