Girly up my phone and other Android customizations

Maybe it’s the declining weather
Maybe it’s my current state of mind
Maybe it’s because NPY and I each just got Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 tablets which feel like oversized versions of my Samsung Galaxy 3 and I need to stay ahead of him in “being in the know”

(By the way, his immediate reaction to the Android OS was like mine after using an iPhone for a while… “this sucks!”) But I prefer not to feed his angst and allow him to learn at his own pace (as I did) how it’s a bigger and nicer garden you are with Android.


Last Saturday, a girl sat next to me in the bar at Cactus Club and she had a Hello Kitty case (the kind with a 3D extension) which I do not covet and a screen protector that has a Hello Kitty image in the top and bottom corner. That I do covet. But it is not available to Samsung and/or my deals site so I won’t get it. Girly customization within the phone it is, then.

I had the saddest poorly lit (pretty depressing) photograph of some daisies for my home screen for the longest time which I finally replaced with the image of the clearest cyan water that surrounded us at Garibaldi Lake where we hiked. My lock screen has been the colourful swirls for a while. What is it? A section of a mural that I saw in San Francisco. That is why I take pictures of art and abstract or macro photos. They make brilliant and lovely personal backgrounds.


What’s on my desktop? It’s not fancy in the least.

  • GO Taskmanager EX, to conserve battery the most when my phone is in stand-by
  • Brightness Level (widget), two clicks to adjust screen brightness
  • Data ON-OFF (widget), one click to turn data on/off so I don’t accidentally stream a podcast over data when I’m at home!
  • Handsome for Flipfont, current font throughout my system is Yummy Cupcakes
  • Nice Weather, I tried Yahoo! with the photos from Flickr but got bored of the same-old Vancouver images so I like this minimalist-but-cheerful app that provides – very important here – precipitation forecast throughout the day
  • Apex launcher, went with the one that I could get furthest with customization (although I’m so tempted to “Windows 8-ify” the Tab this weekend)
  • Gesture lock, I can’t remember which app it is now but it also lets me access the camera immediately after unlocking and required me to install Go Launcher, grrrr)
  • I love how there are the cutest two icons in the app drawer for Remember the Milk and Waze :)

For reading on my phone, which I do heavily, I use Aldiko. I can’t say I love it but I’m used to it now and it connects well with Dropbox.


I finally did something “interesting” to customize my default SMS app (which I continue to use after trying out other SMS apps), applying an image as a background (that was a cheeky napkin at a gelato place in Amsterdam) and choosing girly colours for my speech bubbles (instead of default more saturated blue and green). That Yummy Cupckes fonts adds peace signs and hearts for the “[” and “]” brackets, isn’t that so cute??!!

One of the apps I happily pay for is Swype and I finally stopped using the default gray keyboard (who knew there were different themes for keyboards even) and went with the Magenta one which also feels roomier (maybe because the font is narrower). I also have TouchPal keyboard installed to switch to because it can flip to Chinese handwriting input.


Up until this overhaul, I was using Carbon as my Twitter app wasn’t really working out for me and it was soooo dark so I started using Ubersocial that I downloaded first to the Tab. To really girl it up, I picked the Berry Sorbet theme and selected “Bubble” for Tweet Layout. :D

When Google Reader closed down earlier this year, it was a bit of a relief to be forced to shop for a replacement reader app. Feedly quickly came to the forefront and I was just so cheered (you know, from my disappointment of Google Reader’s demise) by the colours. Feedly has changed a bit since this screenshot but the colourful aesthetics remain.

Edit: I set up the tablet with Launcher 8 free! I’m using the Shift Type font in the Typed Pack for FlipFont free. This makes me veryyyy happy. :D


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