I got a little crafty this summer; here’s what came of it

After I wrapped up a course in early June, I took a three-month hiatus to concentrate on the party NPY and I were planning to hold in September. (And two days after the party, I was back to studying.) As much as I had a lot of help with the big-scale items and planning, there were details to take care of and you know me, I revel in them.

Kokeshi dolls
Purchased: DIY Mini Kokeshi Wedding Cake Topper Dolls Kit from pegged Etsy shop
I created a template in Powerpoint to sketch my idea, then I painted in the course of one (long) evening


Tea favours

  • Tea (David’s Tea, naturally) – first, I was shopping amongst the regular-priced teas but their web specials are much better priced and the selection large enough that I found flavours that suited me as well
  • Pillow pouches (Ebay) – pillow pouches are far cheaper than metal tins which have too large capacity; the problem that arose was static electricity and one of the three teas “leaked” and got everywhere
  • Personalized ribbons (Ebay) – it’s great that amongst the 125 ribbons I could order up to 4 colours; I wasn’t thrilled that I couldn’t order the right purple though
  • Labels (handmade) – armed with the RGB code for David’s Tea teal, a circle die-cut puncher and a stack of plain white Avery labels, I could create descriptive labels that added brand colour and held down the ribbon to make it easier to tie; font: French Script (tried to emulate the David’s Tea font)


You know what they say, Pinterest has been a boon to party planners. I browsed tens of programme formats and the trifold and clean style of this one was executable, unique and representative of us: modern and simple. I could also easily incorporate the theme colours. The back of the schedule panel also lists the order for photography groups. Fonts: Impact for the titles, Arrial Narrow for the punctuation and Century Gothic for the text.

Themed index cards
This was one of my only original ideas but was also an extension on the format of the programme. I wasn’t going to let us just read vows from boring white index cards when there would be a lot of photographs to capture the moments we are using these cards! I just had to carry through our “branding”, created 5″ x 7″ index cards that are double-sided printing the following onto heavy stock paper. Fonts: Impact and Arial Narrow for the “branding”, Rage Italic and Courier New for the business side of the card.


Seating chart
Pinterest comes through again and I was inspired by similar seating charts created from the Boston subway system lines. Choosing the Canada Line route was a no-brainer since it is the newest, cleanest one and its north-south route is a similar shape to our venue, which is also located on the Canada Line route. Further, I could make some “inside references” like naming the head table Olympic Village Station since NPY and I just moved into the area and assigning NPY’s friends to the Templeton Station table, the same name as their high school! Then, table signs had to match and I carried through the font and colours. Yes, it was geeky to start the table numbering at zero and deliberately not have a #4 table! Fonts: Franklin Gothic is similar to the font used by the Skytrain system, and MS Trebuchet

Invitation cards

We wanted the ultimate control over the cards so we purchased two 30-card sets from Michael’s. We had a bit of information to cram onto the card with a different venue for the afternoon from the evening so we used the “RSVP” card instead to convey reception location information. Fonts: MS Trebuchet (one of my favourites), Olivier and Lauren Script.



  • Labels – the address and return labels were created entirely of fonts! The birds came from MTF Sweet Nature Dings and the fonts for names and addresses were Olivier and MS Trebuchet
  • Stamps – earlier this year, I stumbled upon the Chinatown Gates series of Canadian stamps and – it all costing the same – I wasn’t going to let the opportunity to personalize the postage pass by; I tried to match recipient to stamp and Canada Post series that made an appearance include Chinatown Gates, Baby Wildlife, CFL teams and Superman 75th Anniversary; I’m that stamp-collection geek now


On this day..