The road to Christmas… is paved with David’s Tea

I love the Christmas feeling… which is largely connected with commercial and marketing efforts. I hate the passing of Christmas Day for a host of personal reasons. Most years, the cozy, festive spirit and all the Christmas-y products make up for that horrible one day. And Christmas shopping. If only I could be a guy and just get away with buying gift cards or writing cheques. :P

Peppermint Mocha is my ultimate Christmas drink available at Starbucks and McDonald’s. Tim Hortons will probably soon have one, too. I don’t fall for the Red Cup Release, though. I laughed when I saw tweets of people being all excited to see them. What is the 2013 design? I don’t bloody care! Chai lattes are my second-ultimate Christmas and lower-key drink which I also enjoy year around, whatever that says about me and Christmas.

My new “Sign of Christmas”┬áthing is getting the David’s Tea Advent Calendar. In 2011, by the time I learned about it, they had long been sold out. In 2012, I was a little slow to the game and it was sold out in stores and I ordered it online and didn’t (but should have) add enough to my order for free shipping and paid dearly for shipping. This year, I set a reminder was in my calender to check on the first of November and in-store, they gave me the release date: Friday, November 8. The associate recommended I come to the store on that very date and thank goodness I work above a mall with a David’s Tea. (Which is opening locations like crazy in the Toronto PATH. Not so much in Vancouver.)

Last year, I got my hands on the advent calendar but no one to share the tea with, so I was still drinking 2012 advent calendar until this week. This year, I might get through more.

Last year, when I went to Halifax to spend Christmas, I wasn’t going to bring the whole box with me so I removed the last few tea tins and, without spoiling it for myself, labeled them with their dates and packed extra tea bag satchels to brew them in Halifax. This is something I really enjoy sharing and my mother really got into the habit of enjoying tea time together. Especially since I was never one to darken the kitchen to prepare anything when I was younger.┬áThis year, I’ll bring my favourite ones with me on my post-Christmas trip to Halifax.

This year, I’m looking forward to the advent calendar containing a host of the 2013 teas (like Spiced Fig, Coffee Cake and White Chocolate Frost!) and old favourites. I haven’t met a David’s Tea flavour I really didn’t like.

Since I “can’t” open the calendar until December 1, below are photos from last year’s calendar!


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