The reminiscing meme: 2014

When I posted yesterday, my This Day plug-in reminded me of how five years ago yesterday, I published my second “reminiscing meme”. These memes look nothing like what a meme is known to be today. How much things change! And how much did I change? …

How much have you changed in 8 years?

** 8 YEARS AGO (March 2006)​ *​*

1 How old were you?

2 Who were you datin​g?
No one – I was in the midst of a dating experiment and blogging about it, including (Asian) speed dating, a singles event at The Commodore and online dating.

3 Where​ did you work?
I was a couple months into research with my PhD thesis lab at the BC Cancer Research Centre.

4 Where​ did you live?
In a cozy 429 sqft studio apartment in Cambie Village.

5 Where​ did you hang out?
At the lab. At home. I started taking ballroom dance lessons with friends through the UBC Dance Club.

6 Did you wear conta​cts and/​or glass​es?

7 Who was your best frien​d?
Vinnie and Mona – seven years and going and spread all over North America at this point, still, I think. We had all left Halifax.

8 How many tatto​os did you have?

9 How many pierc​ings did you have?
Probably had my ears pierced by then.

10 What kind of car did you drive​?
My world shrunk to a four-block radius from my lab and apartment. Walked and had a 3-zone UPass.

11 Had you been to a real party​?
Real != good, I learned. I had finally been to a “real” party, if you know what I mean. It happened recently and I was so mortified about how I perceived I acted I couldn’t face the other partygoers again.

12 Had you had your heart​ broke​n?
Oh, yes. 2005 was a very bad year of being alone and dumped. Basically moped for a year over a relationship that lasted just six months.

13 Were you Singl​e/​Taken​/​Marri​ed/​Divor​ced?

14 Any Kids?
No. Who needs them?

** 5 YEARS​ AGO (March 2009)​ *​*

1 How old were you?

2 Who were you datin​g?
NPY. Nearly three years by then.

3 Where​ did you work at the time?
After a year of slogging to North Vancouver, I got a job in my neighbourhood at the BC Centre for Disease Control. I was happy was a clam with this development and started my new position this very month.

4 Where​ did you live?
Same cozy 429 sqft studio as three years before. Hey, the rent was good.

5 Where​ did you hang out?
At lot at my place with NPY!

6 Did you wear conta​cts and/​or glass​es?

7 Who were your best frien​d(​s)?
Vinnie, Frank, and my sister. I talked a lot on the phone with my sister and sometimes Vinnie, although we are all over the country.

8 How many tatto​os did you have?
None. Why do you keep asking? :P

9 How many pierc​ings did you have?
Two. One in each ear.

10 What car did you drive​?
None. I LOVE Cambie Village.

11 Have you had your heart​ broke​n?
Not since 2005. NPY seems to be a keeper.

12 Were you Singl​e/​Taken​/​Marri​ed/​Divor​ced?

13 Any Kids?
No. Kids are so tremendously annoying and I have no need for them. I don’t think they are in my future. But people who have been married for five years now are having them left and right. Because they are the highly fertile age of *32* and all.

*​* ​TODAY​ (March 2014)​ *​*

1 Age?
36. Eep!

2 Where​ do you work?
At a Big 4 accounting firm. Twenty-six months with firm and very happy with the opportunities it provides me.

3 Where​ do you live?
In a one-bedroom in Vancouver’s Olympic Village. I switched my allegiance – haha – from Cambie Village.

4 Who are your close​st frien​ds?
NPY. It’s cliché, but it’s true.

5 Do you talk to your old frien​ds?
Yes, at times. It is important to me to keep old friends. But it’s getting harder, even with all these instant communications options available.

6 How many pierc​ings do you have?
Two. After a few years of letting my ear piercings grow over, I got them re-pierced a year ago. Noticing how my style of earrings has changed so much from dangly/hoops/chandelier to largely studs and close to the ear.

7 How many tatto​os?
None and at this point, I groan to see so many in my face when I’m at dance or other fitness class.

8 What kind of car do you have?
Still walking everywhere. I have access whenever I want to NPY’s car. It’s my car, too, now. :P

9 Has your heart​ been broke​n?
By boys? No more. I do inflict pain on myself all of the time, though.

10 Singl​e/​Taken​/​Marri​ed/​Divor​ced/​Engag​ed?

11 How many kids?
Have known for a few years it’s just something I have to do. Hope mine is cute and smart. May have finally felt ready (oddly, while reading Ruth Ozeki’s A Tale for the Time Being, during Haruki’s #1’s secret diary bit). It is around the corner.

How much have you change in 8 years?
I only feel older. Definitely more secure with myself – which is what everyone says – even when it’s no longer the “coolest” or most brilliant version of me. The door is closing on being cool. I’ve gotten more girly and creative.

On this day..