Trip planning gives me purpose

Since wrapping up a course in the beginning of March, I have been blissfully free of studying and serious thoughts pertaining to higher learning and felt oddly … guilty. That is banished with us finally booked our May trip … to California!

After a lot of debating (internal and external), we are forgoing going to the East Coast (Halifax and New York City) due to the heady cost and to Hawaii. The latter was forgone because there *just might* be a destination wedding there later this year or next year. NPY and I haven’t been to California together – I was in SF last year and LA in 2005 while he was in SF in 2006 – so it’s a short week-long trip nearby that is also fabulous.

Of course, I made it a trip planning challenge and not only are we flying into San Francisco and spending the weekend there before driving down to LA, I also want to visit Napa Valley. Just a day trip, to compare and contrast with our old standby and neighbour, the Okanagan Valley, we’ll visit later this year.

When I returned from San Francisco last year, I was so disappointed with what I missed that I couldn’t full appreciate the opportunity. I missed a couple of landmarks and the Rock ‘N’ Roll Marathon. It’s not like we are going marathon weekend (that has passed) but it’s all the better because of going with NPY – that’s so sappy, I know – so it’s like a do-over.

On this day..