Getting artsy

A couple of weeks ago, I had the great pleasure to spend three hours with two chalk artists who were commissioned to do a large sidewalk acrylic painting to celebrate the 150th year of my firm doing business in Canada. They started on a Tuesday and finished on a Thursday afternoon. I volunteered to be a “brand ambassador” Tuesday morning and early Thursday afternoon and dropped by twice in the mornings in between. I observed how the process unfolded and it all the more urged me to put into motion a niggling plan in my head, which looks heavily influenced by my work life.

Day 1

Day 2

Day 3

Amongst a lot of other things, NPY and I are going to struggle with making big, permanent decisions about how to outfit our new place, our first place. But I’m pushing to get the small stuff done. The entryway bench. Small decoration ideas in the less public places. And in our most lived in and cluttered room – the second bedroom that has the small (full size, but compared to no bed in the master bedroom) bed, I wanted to finish it once I got the linens done. (And I’m going away for the weekend and NPY might have guests. Any Lil Sis is visiting next week.)

I’ll drag NPY to museums and, if allowed, I will photograph the artwork. I will especially note that if I think I can reproduce something, to consider it.

I took two or three years of art classes in high school. I wasn’t very daring and limited myself. While my classmates made large canvas and painted, I sketched and stuck to pencil (and I wasn’t very good at it). So I keep thinking that I haven’t done anything artistic like that for (oh, gosh) nearly 20 years. Correction, I was working on a complicated paint-by-numbers canvas two years ago (which I did not complete and recently binned) and last year, we had a work function at Raw Canvas and I freehanded a hilariously ugly porpoise.

I thought I would start with something geometric and see where it takes me…

Hoping that sketching is the most difficult part.

Conclusion: that yellow looks weak.

Painting yellow is DONE.

The whole, complete concept.

Lessons learned

  1. The chevron one was the hardest, by far and I don’t want to paint those again – so much taping and I took three steps to do the yellow before learning how to do the gray in two steps.
  2. You can’t be sure the masking tape is sealed well enough and paint won’t leak. :S And you can never touch-up enough.
  3. 3M Command velcro strips are iffy on the bare wood of the canvas, just as the 3M website said it would be. Some Krazy glue helped!
  4. My local dollar store has great art supplies. These 10″ x 10″ thicker canvases were $5 each. All other supplies were also from the dollar store: three bottles of $1 paint and $1 set of paint brushes. :D

I can’t wait to find my next concept and get started on the next one!

On this day..