One of my must-see travel destinations

These days, when I’m set to visit somewhere new, I must not forget to add to my list, “Visit the office.” I really (really) kick myself if I forget. With over 700 offices in 150 countries, it’s very likely that where I’m visiting will have an office!

NPY groans when I mention it as an item on our itinerary but the offices tend to be located in financial districts in downtown areas that he would like to visit anyhow. So my desire to head into the core (even when it isn’t that cool to go to the core – like in LA), we both get something out of it! :D

Some offices I have been able to wander around by myself. One office wouldn’t let me wander and I was very surprised and disappointed. Most offices, I just photograph the exterior.

Earlier this year, I became the “social media contributor” for the Vancouver office and through restructuring also have made or reinforced Canada-wide connections – although I’ve been to exactly half (eight) of the Canadian offices.

I can’t wait to wait more international ones. I have, of course, created a Google Maps Engine of the locations I have visited. Just two continents. :)


Here’s a mini gallery of my visits.





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