How to display or store those race bibs/t-shirts/medals?

There comes a time in every slightly obsessive-compulsive runner girl’s career where she looks up from her piles of race bibs, medals and t-shirts and wonders, “What do I do with all of this stuff?!”

My medal board started out innocently enough in 2005 after just six races (some earlier medals were missing for years).

By the time I moved out of that apartment with the corkboard in the kitchen (six years later):

When I lived on my own and after that in a rental suite, it was still okay to display them on dollar-store over-the-door towel racks on my IKEA Billy bookcase.


Medals from anything other than half-marathons.

Half-marathon medals

Now, I am in a condo and NPY “forbids” me from the same kind of display and I agree that a more permanent, more tasteful and less clangy solution is desired. The most common solution is to hang them in a row of hooks above which there is some saying like, “Live, Laugh, Run” or something but do fear the weight of the medals will tear down the wall.

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Image from Run Run Run Pinterest board

This style of display, shown three ways, suits me as discreet and tidy. I can imagine using a shadow box for this. The third image of a board for medals from 50 states inspires me to make a separate shadow box for running in 10 provinces!

I have long had a solution for my race bibs in a scrapbook (followed shortly after my girlfriends stopped scrapbooking sessions during which I did not participate).

If I had spare race bibs – and only for a decent race like the New York Marathon, that would be worthy of turning into a coaster.

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I also like the bags that Mile 22 will make from your race bibs. Again, bibs are in a scrapbook and I like it very much that way, too. Got too many bags anyhow.

But what to do about all of those t-shirts?!

All along, I thought I would make a quilt. I need to learn how to use a sewing machine. And would anyone actually use it??

So, when I asked the Internet about it, I saw an image of race t-shirts made into a scarf and I thought that is feasible…

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Just for the fun of it, I thought this mannequin dressed up in race bibs and mannequins is the best!

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