Marathon bucket list

Last Sunday, I wrapped up another running season but I look forward to the next season although I am not entirely sure what I will be able to do. Here are some of my ideas, my bucket list per se, kicking around my head and categorized.

Big project
– Cascadia Trio of Rock ‘n’ Roll Marathons (Portland, Seattle and Vancouver in May, June and October) – I want that Cascadia Heavy Medal sooner rather than later
[November 3, 2015 update: I was only gunning for Cascadia medal but just learned that by running these three races people this year have earned seven medals – a finisher’s medal for each of the half-marathons (3) and four Heavy Medals: Double Beat (2 Rock ‘n’ Roll events), Rock Trio (3 Rock ‘n’ Roll events), World Rocker (Rock ‘n’ Roll in two countries) and Cascadia (completing 1/2s in Portland, Seattle and Vancouver)!]
[January 16, 2016 update: I’m hesitant to cross this off because maybe this trio of races will exist again in the future.]

Easily attainable
– Vancouver Marathon (early May – while it is still under the cool Run * Van branding) – completed in May 2015
Longest Day Race (Vancouver / mid-June – I heard it has the best food, lol) – registered for June 2016 race
Whistler Half Marathon (early June) – after I saw a FB friend post her race swag (North Face is a sponsor!) which included a shirt, arm warmers and hat, and learning there is a finisher’s medal new this year, I have warmed up to this race and want in on this swag! [added June 2016]

Pan-Canadian running part of my quest to get a marathon medal from each of Canada’s 10 provinces – I would visit these cities enroute to or as a side trip to a regular visit to Toronto or Halifax
Saskatchewan Marathon (Saskatoon / end of May)
Manitoba Marathon (Winnipeg / mid-June)
Terry Fox Run across Confederation Bridge (New Brunswick/PEI / mid-September – only every five years is it across the bridge the most recent one was 2015)
Cape to Cabot (St. John’s / mid-October)

Unique/cool races to do
– Bay of Fundy Not Since Moses (Bay of Fundy / end of July – 2014 run got postponed to 2015!)
– Bang & Olufsen Yorkville Run (Toronto / mid-September)
– CN Tower Climb (there are two in a year – May and October)
– Half Corked – interest a little waning, been there too many times (Osoyoos / mid-May – registration is by lottery)
MEC Halifax Citadel Highlander (Halifax / April) – a chance to run in the Halifax Citadel “moat”, seriously?!
Holly Jolly Fun Run (Toronto / mid-November – run on the Santa Claus parade route and have thousands of people cheer you on) – completed in 2015

Long-term goals
New York (early November – it’s by lottery and a full-marathon)
– A Disneyland or Disney World marathon (Princess or Tinkerbell or Goofy Challenge!!)
Winterlude Triathalon: skate-ski-run (Ottawa / end of January)

On this day..