My first Ebates.ca-qualifying order was last December, a tiny order from Chapters and only after kicking myself for forgetting to use it for a larger Chapters order and a Body Shop order just a few days before. I’ve actually had an Ebates account for a year but don’t shop online that much. I’m only two years behind the game as the rebate website launched in Canada in 2012.

Ebates came back into my purview in the summer when I was informed that Groupon is on it. To think of all of those Groupons I’ve purchased through the app – it’s so easy – on Saturday mornings from bed and I didn’t get a rebate!

It didn’t hurt that over the holiday season, I would notice their commercial every time it aired. When will I have accumulated $900 of rebate? That’s an awful lot of spending.

For now, I have some retailers committed to memory: Old Navy/Gap/Banana Republic, Chapters, Amazon, The Bay, Home Depot and GoDaddy. Last year, I discovered the awesome ease of getting Old Navy/Gap/Banana Republic shipped and then returning items effortlessly at the shops within the mall downstairs or just down the street from my work. I did, infact, miss out on some rebates, then, during my summer Gap/Old Navy shopping sprees.

A year ago, I made a Home Depot order but seemed to have messed up and didn’t get a rebate. Recently, my Starbucks purchase didn’t result in a rebate either. Is there a minimum spend? No, the rebate is just on “Drinkware and Equipment” and “Coffee and Tea”, not gift card purchases or card reloads. Darn.

So I’m very reassured to receive “Cha Ching! You’re in the Money” emails from Ebates. Even though I expect them, they arrive at varying times after I place my order so it’s still a pleasant email to receive.

With over 500 online stores that ship to Canada part of Ebates, my current rule of thumb: check every Canadian website before ordering!!

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