A dose of the arts in Maui

What I found was that when we had the time to take things easy in beautiful Maui, the arts came to the forefront. Actually, we couldn’t get away from it starting with plentiful galleries on-site at the Grand Wailea Resort where we stayed which also offered gallery tours and watercolour and outdoor painting classes, none of which – sadly – I took up. The Shops at Wailea, a five minute walk from the resort, is home to the Lahaina Galleries and Dolphin Galleries, amongst others, and we caught some of WOW (Wailea on Wednesdays), a weekly arts and entertainment series hosted by The Shops at Wailea. There were galleries to take in in Paia and especially in Lahaina where we checked out the Martin Lawrence Galleries and the one right across from it – I forgot its name. Every Friday is arts evening in Lahaina, what I imagine to be a magical evening starting with a glorious sunset and then elegant and inspiring arts – since I wasn’t actually there.

Heather Brown (Honolulu/Kalakaua)

I first discovered Heather Brown’s art in Honolulu two years ago. I love the clean lines stylizing big waves and the vibrant colours she uses. When I see her work in surf shops, it’s apparent that her fun style is embraced by the community.


Ken Loyd

We were in an art gallery in Paia where I saw Heather Brown pieces again and alongside it was introduced to Ken Loyd’s work. With more pastel colours, he renders softer stylized landscapes of Maui which are still super cheerful. I wanted to pick up a print, not ready to splurge on a giclée but none that were available had the over-all blue hues I was looking for.



Pamela Sukhum

In the Martin Lawrence Galleries in Lahaina, which is at the corner of the bright intersection of Front and Lahainaluna, opposite another gallery and the railing where everyone takes in the water view and sunset, we discovered Pamela Sukhum. I almost overlooked the three walls devoted to her work but then the texture and colour drew me in. I like the general symmetry of many of the images and the nature subject but the colours made it fantastic. The texture adds to the wildness and I would touch it if in private with the work. There’s no point in getting a print or giclée of these works!



Robert Bissell

After our first foray at The Shops at Wailea to raid the ABC Store and the general store, I wanted to go back and visit the art galleries of which there are a half dozen or so. As the name suggests Lahaina Galleries are found in Hawaii (three) and there is one in California, too. I overlooked the “weird bear art” that is on display at the front of the store but when I saw more of Robert Bissell’s work, more bears, I was enamoured. His rendering of the bears is so beautiful and they appear so gentle. The scenes are like fantasy but the type I enjoyed because of their whimsy.



Dr. Seuss’ Collection of Unorthodox Taxidermy

It seemed a little random but there was a Dr. Seuss section in the Dolphin Galleries at the Shops at Wailea. The Collection of Unorthodox Taxidermy was cute, especially when the whole collection was gathered in a cluster on one wall. There was also one big piece we saw that I couldn’t find at the above website which was quite a different turn from the books, like an illustrated scene from Santorini or something. It was very pretty.

mulberry gimlet

Fabio Napoleoni

Finally, also at Dolphin Galleries, and NPY actually reacted and adored it, we stepped into a small room with Fabio Napoleoni’s pieces. They are utterly adorable and a little sad. These are the two pieces NPY liked and I quite agree.



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