I own four pairs of the same shoes

(and two pairs of yet another style)

I am not at all above Payless shoes. The beating my shoes take and their constant proximity to icky and often wet Vancouver ground turns me off from spending a lot on a single pair of shoes. Best yet, Payless has a really affordable selection of Premium Comfort shoes.

The original pair and style that started it all: Claire scrunch flats. It would be so me to start with the nude, truly ballet slipper looking ballet flat. They are super comfortable and for the longest time, I only wore them at the office, being quite paranoid of scuffing and generally sullying this shoe. I hope Payless carries this style FOREVER…..! This style is a copy of several designer brands but it’s just $25 so you can get several colours… so I did!

Shortly after getting the nude colour, I was back at the store and found that the styles and sizes were really limited in the (Canadian) store compared to what the (American) website was displaying. Fast forward a year to 2015 and I’m please the selection and availability has improved greatly.

I bought the above two pairs on the same day. The floral pair looks like oilcloth and are super cute. I’ve been jonesing for something this cute for years upon years after missing out on a black floral pair. The pattern and oilcloth look kind of reminds me of Cath Kidston bags. The black and white pair are “business” shoes. I don’t actually wear them at work – because my pants would drag and I look dumb wearing flats with a dress/skirt – but to dress up a casual weekend look. It’s got a little flair, so it was easy to convince myself to get this “duo” on the same day.

I was going to get as my fourth pair the all-tan coloured version of this last pair but it wasn’t available in my size and these are prettier and channel the sweet sentiment of my first pair (the nude ones).

The Janine Pointy Toe Pump

I was drawn to these shoes by the rose gold colour and the price (clearance for Cdn$10) and comfort were a plus! I wore and rocked these through 2014 wedding season and even clubbing until 5 a.m. in Vegas!

A little later, also at a super duper price, I got this teal pair. It gets close to the cobalt coloured shoe that is so hot to have but it’s my own take. It even matches the colour of my right ankle birthmark, an observation that would make it my third ever Instagram post.

Above pristine photos were from Payless.com.

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