Noodling about a Toronto visit

I wrote the following, drafted it a month ago, and even found an Aeroplan flight but since then have learned that I will not be going to Toronto. But I wanted to share my wishlist nonetheless. Next time….


I know I’m totally jumping the gun as I haven’t yet booked my ticket and my desired travel dates run right into a long weekend and reward flights are out of the question and this whole planning goes nowhere. Nonetheless, I’ve plotted the places I want to hit up on a Google map and want to chat about it, which is also a way to display my great taste. Of course it is highly eating-centric but I have thrown in some shopping … sessions wherein we can walk off the full feeling. Almost all spots are ones I haven’t visited before. Many¬†are gleaned from the multitude of daily recommendations from Blog TO.



Day 1 (with mum)

On a day we would head downtown with a car, here’s where we’d go.
We’d start off at Hula Girl Espresso Boutique. I’m already hooked on the idea not-at-all subliminally put forth on their website about a “new morning routine” consisting of their crowbar and butter coffee. The crowbar seems like a big hit in terms of sugar and calories but it’s okay when you share. :D
Kill some time in surrounding Junction Triangle, High Park or Parkdale.
Then we have lunch at R&D in Chinatown. When I first learned of Alvin Leung when he was revealed as a judge on MasterChef Canada, I was disappointed that despite his connection to Canada, his restaurants aren’t here but in London and Hong Kong. But I’ve learned that he is collaborating with MasterChef Canada Season 1 winner, Eric Chong, to open a restaurant and I couldn’t be more excited to try it. R&D, stands for “Rebel & Demon”. Alvin Leung is the “Demon Chef” which I guess makes Eric the rebel.
Then pick up my sister from work then head to fancy Yorkdale Mall.
Then dinner at Jamie Oliver’s Italian. I really thought a location had opened at the Shops at Don Mills by last winter but I was so wrong. Jamie Oliver’s first Canadian restaurant will be at Yorkdale and other Canadian locations will follow but I want to get onto this first!

Day 2 (solo, during a Downtown Day)

Provided I catch an early enough GO Train downtown, I’ll get this crazy schedule in!
The train stops at Union so I’d have to take the TTC or walk up to Dundas. At Yonge/Dundas is the MUJI Store that opens at 10 a.m. so I’ll shop there first as the next spot doesn’t open until 11. I am fascinated by their right angle sock and am writing this listening to newly discovered MUJI BGM (background music).
Next, I can try Uncle Tetsu Japanese Cheesecake. I love cream cheese cheesecake while Japanese cheesecake seems to me just like a moist cake. Nonetheless, I want to visit this Japanese chain’s first location in Canada at its convenient Bay/Dundas location.
Then it’s a short walk down to the Financial District where I can visit the old office.
I’ve wanted to try Nadege for a while after my cousin told me about it but don’t venture that far west – Bathurst? Bah! – but they opened a beautiful location in the PATH and I can visit that one, pick up some beautiful snacks for later.
Is it time to eat again? Good! Pizzeria Libretto is one of the best pizza shops in the city has been expanding with new locations around town and it was just a matter of time when one that was more central opened. I really don’t deviate far west of Spadina or east of Yonge!
It’s not a far walk to the new Umbra Store. I haven’t been to their current location before. The brand is not so exotic at all but it’s really wonderous to go into their shop carrying exclusively their prodcuts! I want to see their Spectra wall decor in person.
I might or might not have appetite for Kanga but it wouldn’t hurt in the least to pick up one of their meat pies to go, would it?
Then it should be time to meet up with the bff/new mum for the afternoon!
On the way back uptown, I can get Lil Sis to meet me “halfway” at Korean Cowboy It came into my purview thanks to Blog TO. This sounds intriguing and delicious if not the most balanced meal. Maybe we’ll pick up a real Korean meal further north on the way back home. ;)

Other restaurants/sites to visit

  • Origin North – I had heard that Origin has great brunch and a location in North York is pretty convenient. I know, I do get swayed by what I watch on television and when Origin founder Claudio Aprile was named a judge and I saw him on television every week, I wanted to try Origin all the more. So if I do make it to Origin, I will have tried all three judges’ restaurants. :D
  • Miku – Okay, here is a restaurant I have tried before as they started in Vancouver but want my mum and sister to try. They might not actually be open until the summer.
  • Kobo Nobu – I think I first heard of this on Blog TO (where else?) and the cheap omakase is the draw. :)
  • The County General – I heard about their fried chicken sandwich. Sounds like a ridiculously delicious snack.
  • Roots Home Design – I am totally intrigued what kind of Canadiana I can put in my house since I’m not exactly inclined to wear it.
  • Torp – Blog TO informed me of this fantastic store with Scandanavian products. We all love that stuff.
  • Evergreen Brickworks – This place has grown in popularity over the years so I want to visit finally.

On this day..