Personalized jewelry: my continual quest

While I wouldn’t ever get a girly cursive gilted Carrie-style name necklace (I think), I did once upon a time (before Sex and the City’s first season, in 1998 by the way) have a 90s-era Goth/tough-chick personalized necklace …


Now that I’ve posted that image and I haven’t worn it in 15 years, it really needs to be binned.

For bracelets, I have eschewed Pandora/Chamilia/etc. because I know how infrequently I end up wearing bracelets, and went with Minique with additional Bead Trails charms collected on summer road trips to the Okanagan.

Below is the “rationale” for each charm from left to right:

  • Love clasp – comes with the Minique chains
  • Dangling W – me
  • Suitcase charm signifies my love of traveling
  • Rhinestone charm for some bling
  • (Geoffrey the) Giraffe charm for NPY
  • An Elephant (charm) never forgets – me
  • Dirty Laundry Handcuff charm signifies how I feel trapped in life (how deep)… but should serve as a reminder that I don’t have to feel this way!
  • Noble Ridge Crown charm – hmm, this one was “just because” – I had just discovered Bead Trails charms while at Noble Ridge and it was a jeweled charm and one that I’ve enjoyed more than other Bead Trails charms I’ve seen so far
  • Green gem spacer charm to keep all the charms from slipping all around the chain – because it is green

I haven’t managed to get a necklace until recently but I have kept my eyes peeled on Groupon/Social Shopper/etc. deals and the like. While I recently purchased and then redeemed a HerStory Locket deal, I enjoy several styles including stamped coins, personalized monograms, and the prettiest of them all, Stella and Dot.

Behold here my HerStory charm locket. Below is the “rationale” for each customizable aspect of this necklace. (For the Social Shopper price of $20, I got $73 worth including locket, up to three birthstones and five charms. All the rest, I paid for at face value.)

  • Large crystal locket – with the choice between large and small, why small that only fits three charms? I was anxious about the look of the “crystals” but they are quite nice and relegated to the edge. I was in it to go all out and express girly-ness with this charm locket.
  • Crystal birthstones – aquamarine for March for me and sapphire colour for September for NPY
  • Hello Kitty – how utterly kawaii and expressing my Asian side (the sushi charm was going to raise questions)
  • Tea pot – tea is a daily habit for me and am stoked for everything Davids Tea puts out
  • Pointe shoes – more girly goodness in the sport/activity that I hang on to all of my life, even with long hiatuses¬†at times
  • Camera – I photograph everything, it’s going to replace my memory someday!
  • “Love to Read” – just stating the obvious
  • Love Life karma coin – the locket was fine and well with a clear background but this phrase was good enough for me to get this “karma coin” to provide a backdrop to the locket
  • Cream and lavendar roses – just to embellish the necklace
  • Silver and black pearls – to offset the girly and light roses!

NPY can get me a Stella and Dot as a push gift one day. ;D

On this day..