Thanks, SBUX!

On Monday, April 6, as a Starbucks Rewards member, I received an email with the following offer.


While my usual Starbucks habit is only about once per week, I increased it to four consecutive days and gave NPY a gift card registered to my account to help me earn more stars. We actually inadvertently took a break on the weekend but renewed our effort on Monday, the last day of the offer.

I can loosely guess at the offer strategy of Starbucks Rewards based on this experience where I was offered 6 bonus stars and NPY – who has a daily Starbucks habit but usually orders an Americano – didn’t receive the tea offer at all, and when it comes times to Star Dash, I have to order more drinks to get the $5 gift card like on the order of six drinks in as many days while I’ve read on forums that others have┬ánot been required to make as many purchases.

I’ve delighted in getting bonus stars as the standard Rewards offer of “Buy 12, get one free” takes me a while to accrue free drink. With six bonus stars, temporarily, it was “Buy 2, get one free”.

They got me this time. I went from an average of one drink per week to five in a week. I get marginally better offers than NPY does and we think that since I fell headlong for this offer, the next ones will not be so great and I will abstain and thus NPY pitched in and helped me max out this one. ;D



I’ll be enjoying free drinks for the rest of the month. :)


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