An N=5 sample of Americans’ knowledge level about Canada, sort of

I like calling out the answer while watching Jeopardy! perhaps more than the next person. I have been properly trained to phrase my answer in the form of a question but relax that in the presence of NPY who teases me about being too proper.

Last night, for their 7,081st show, I followed with extra fascination as the category “Canadian Cities” was revealed in the Double Jeopardy round.

First of note, the three contestants wholly avoided the category until there were no other clues left to play. Their collective confidence regarding knowledge of that topic was apparently low.

Then, the answers they provided!

  1. Answer: An intersection in this provincial capital is the original western terminus of the Trans-Canada Highway.
    Response: None
    Correct city: Victoria
  2. Answer: (Daily Double and he wagered $5,400 of his $5,600 while his fellow competitors had $14,000 and $7,600) The swan is a symbol of this Ontario city; each year, white & black swans are released into the Avon River.
    Response: Edmonton
    Correct city: Stratford (I didn’t know this)
  3. Answer: (worth $2,000) This Alberta resort was the first municipality to be incorporate within a Canadian national park.
    Response: (the Daily Double guy with just $200 left) Whistler
    Correct city: Banff
  4. Answer: In 1992 this city’s velodrome once used in the Olympic games, was transformed into an environmental biodome.
    Response: None
    Correct city: Montreal (this was easy!)
  5. Answer: ($400 question) Residents of this Saskatchewan city are called Moose Javians.
    Response: (Daily Double guy with nothing to lose and a grin) Winnipeg
    Correct city: Moose Jaw

Of course the clip of this category has been posted on YouTube already and some Reddit threads. Watching the clip again, given where the contestants stood and it was the end of the game, it was the safest route not to answer if they were unsure at all. It just didn’t look too competitive on them either.

The question now is if Canadians generally could do better on similarly specific questions about American cities?

On this day..