Soufeel Jewelry, an alternative to Pandora charms

Is it time for me to upgrade…?

Over the weekend, I heard about this company, Soufeel Jewelry through a sponsored Cute & Little review.

Everyone has different taste so I wasn’t overly thrilled with the offering suggested from the charms Kileen picked but I love to “window shop” and went through all of the galleries and come away really excited. Soufeel has a more interesting selection than I recall seeing at Pandora/Chamilia, albeit I don’t regularly keep up on everyone’s offerings. In any case, with an average bead price of $25, it’s a decent price point. With free shipping offered on orders over $50, I can certainly add to my collection two beads at a time while evaluating the quality and build based on which ones I truly one. The common observation from reviewers on is that the charms are smaller than they expected.

“I’m definitely getting these charms”

soufeel-XS1186_3 soufeel-XS1194A soufeel-XS056D_4 soufeel-XS1162_1 soufeel-C017 soufeel-XS1097B_2 soufeel-FJ1153_4 soufeel-DY1057  soufeel-XS1181 soufeel-DY1050_3 soufeel - YB1194_3 soufeel-YB1192

  • Horse – it’s my Chinese zodiac and so often the horse is depicted wild stallion style, just the the head with wind blowing through the mane – this chubby charm with added colour is really cute
  • Colour Ccystal – compared to the other styles of birthstone charms, I like this one as it seems like it would be most reflective – except Soufeel doesn’t carry every birthstone colour for now, just clear, green, purple and pink
  • Birthstone “Rocket” – or so I’ve named it, it is practically obnoxious looking yet looks like it might be shinier than the other birthstone charms with the birthstones in pavé setting
  • Alarm clock – what does this represent to me, the need to be on time??
  • Live Love Laugh commemorative charm – the other commemorative charm are square while the shape of the image I would use is probably landscape
  • Rattle for baby boy – this is so adorable and shiny :D
  • Arc de Triomphe – more than the Eiffel Tower, I love the arches in Paris, particuarly Arc de Triomphe – this is one Parisien landmark I did ascend
  • Big Ben – the charm looks adorable with Big Ben confirmed with the Union Jack – London is a city I can visit again and again
  • Vintage camera – Considering I take a picture of everything, this one is apt
  • Traveling the world – the blue globe is brilliant and states my love of travel
  • Dangling green Wanderlust charm – the green is so sharp – I don’t overly favour the word “Wanderlust” but if it fits…
  • Compass – I like how the fact it is a compass is a bit abstract and the juicy primary colours make it pop

“Super cute… but I (probably) won’t buy it”

soufeel-YZ356 soufeel-YZ354soufeel-YZ182_2 soufeel-YB1165 soufeel-YB1138_2 soufeel-YB1073_2 soufeel-XS1104_1 soufeel-FJ1154 soufeel-FJ1007_1 soufeel-DY1017

  • Brainiac owl – getting this would just be a bit narcissistic ;D
  • Minxy cat – likewise, what would it say for me to get this?
  • Chubby elephant – I already do have an elephant charm
  • Maple leaf – show some Canadian pride
  • Dalmation puppy – like the Minxy cat, this one is really adorable
  • Bicycle – it has meaning as I started to cycle last fall, but this bicycle charm is a little girly
  • Chubby seahorse – I just find a seahorse a little odd but so cute and colourful
  • Eiffel Tower – it has to be the chubby aspect of the charm that makes me like it
  • Cruise ship – I like the design but have to go on a cruise first (and enjoy it)!
  • “Starbucks” cup – loads of meaning for me and NPY but …

Kinda Asian

soufeel-YZ473_1 soufeel-YB1204 soufeel-YB1048_1soufeel-YB1043 soufeel-XS1187_3 soufeel-DY1041 soufeel-XS1180_2

  • Panda – this could be a charm that I could buy
  • “Happiness” – on the brilliant read background, I think this the best statement of Chinese culture
  • Lucky cat – to me, it looks a little freak; to others, it is probably cute
  • Yin yang – a little hokey for me but it is loaded with meaning
  • Wedding sedan – I laughed when I saw this – I could get it because I’m married but it also is such a throwback
  • Money bag with “Double Happiness” character – a little too blatant on the money aspect, in my opinion
  • Money bag with “Happiness” character – even worse than the preceding money bag, I think

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Update: I placed an order on July 1 and happily received it by July 10! It exceeds my expectations as do the charms by look. The rattle could be a little shinier. The horse is tiny but so many forum posts expressed this I was braced for it. The “happiness” character is my favourite one.

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