Yesterday was National Waffle Day

Oops, I meant to post this yesterday or – better yet – the day before but… life. And I’m so tired and harried these days. Here are the salient details:

  • I purchased waffle plate attachments for my four (five?) year old Cuisinart Griddler back December 2014 and tested it by making the first recipe from the recipe/instruction booklet included with the plates.
  • I got into waffling in April 2015 when I felt like I had been exposed to a critical limit of seeing waffling recipes although the first thing I waffled successfully was just cake batter.
  • I was reminded of Dani Shumski’s Will It Waffle? (inspired by Blendtec’s Will It Blend?) and breezed through the recipe book but it doesn’t have things like mapo tofu and tater tots and I was a little wary of his attempt to include Asian foods. It’s not a wonton anymore when it’s waffled (he claims it is akin to frying) and flattened!
  • Regarding technique and success – you have to try the same recipe several times over to get the knack for it. Further, waffled food is not the easiest to photograph well, at least not with my rectangular waffles. Thus you have been warned – may of the following inages look more like #pinterestFails and #cookingFails than how I aspired them to appear.

Chocolate cake waffles
– recipe: Cooking Classy
– super-convenient way to use box cake mix and not have to fire up the oven
– rating: success

Fried egg and tater tots
– recipe: Will It Waffle?
– my waffle plates have deep grooves so I had difficulty getting such delicate “waffles” out – also, I needed to take more care to spread these two items out better before pressing the plates together
– rating: moderate failure – I don’t see the point of waffling these items

French toast
– recipe: Will It Waffle?
– I used the bread I had on hand which was thinly sliced and they soaked up too much egg – nonetheless, using the waffle iron took the usual guesswork out of how long to cook the toast
– at the time, I think I had Jif salted caramel hazelnut spread or something which I used as a “fancier” Nutella :)
– rating: success (delicious!)

Hong Kong Eggy Bubble Waffle
– recipe: Williams-Sonoma
– waffle plates look a bit like bubble waffle plates, right??
– beating the egg whites per the recipe was was too much work!
– I didn’t get the right texture or cooking time – the waffles were either too soft or chewy
– rating: moderate success (needs more practice but preparing the batter is a turn off)

– recipe: Will It Waffle?
– it is easier than using the oven, but needed to do it several batches as waffle iron area is much smaller than a baking sheet
– rating: moderate failure (while I gobbled it all up, oven crisped is better)

Grilled cheese
– recipe: Will It Waffle?
– rating: success – how could it not be?

Banana bread
– recipe: Wide Island View
– I had originally tried to make banana bread in the rice cooker and was a woeful disaster so I transferred the 20% cooked dough to the waffle maker and finished it off
– it could have been the recipe but it was way dense
– rating: fail – but will seek out a recipe appropriate for waffling

Mapo spicy minced pork with waffled tofu
– recipe: I Am A Food Blog
– to use medium or firm tofu? How the heck does the tofu actually crisp up? Instead, it was just unpleasantly chewy and I pride myself in liking all forms of tofu.
– rating: fail – I love smooth tofu with spicy minced pork such that the substitution to firm tofu is so disappointing

Chicken & Biscuit Waffles
– recipe: The Little Kitchen
– I got it into my head to make chicken and waffes where the “Southern fried chicken” would be baked dark meat chicken (drumsticks) prepared in a Southern Fried Chicken Shake ‘n’ Bake mix
– I considered getting maple syrup for the waffles but instead just found this savoury waffle recipe that would have biscuit quality and density and added Cajun spices to make it extra savoury
– rating: success – in no small part due to dousing the nice savoury biscuit waffle with butter

– recipe: Pop Sugar
– the thought of waffling puff pastry and making my own “Pop Tarts” was enough to get me to immediately buy puff pastry for the first time
– in one, I spread (crunchy) peanut butter and strawberry jam; in the other, for lack of separate ingredients, I popped in a Dairy Milk Oreo bar
– rating: moderate success – the filling can get overwhelmed by the pastry which needs to be cooked perfectly, I just need to practice and make this more ;-)

On this day..