My massive KETTO haul

When I was in Quebec in 2012, it was by sheer luck that I came across the KETTO Boutique after I picked up my race packet at the nearby running store. After browsing around and was quite overwhelmed by how much I wanted, I came away with one greeting card of the KETTO geisha. I know, so predictable, huh?

Since then, I can’t seem to find the card again although I’m sure I did not throw it away. Did I give it away and forget? So I haven’t replaced it with this, my first order. Since missing the free shipping offer for Mother’s Day this year, I’ve checked back regularly but no offer has come up since. I made the minimum for free shipping anyhow!

“Hockey” set of four placemats
I had my eye on this set and it was then 75% off at $4 for 4! They are reversible, too, if you don’t want to stare continuously at the gangly group of kids all of the time.

“Geisha” canvas
The design that started it all with my KETTO fascination. Although I don’t know where I will hang this very girly canvas, I just had to get it since it was over 70% off at $8! I also wanted the Mermaid one and think it has prettier colours but that would be craaazy.

“Blue lady” neoprene lunch bag
No sale on this one but when I go back to work, I need a lunch bag and not the beat up $1 Ghirardelli reuseable tote bag that is all shredded that I have been using. I have been considering a cute neoprene style bag for a while and this design is the deciding factor. I love the floral design on the back of each of the bags such that I almost couldn’t decide (also liked the brown-on-blue floral design on the back of Knitting). It also says “La dame en bleu” on the back – so chic!

Magnetic bookmarks (4)
You get two magnetic bookmarks for the price and I love these bookmarks that hold fast. I get my Knitting lady design and the rest are gifts. So, pandas haven’t gotten the KETTO treatment but I thought Racoon and Wolf, in colour, kind of channel some of the aesthetic. (What? Blasphemous!)

Greeting cards (6)
Moose riding
Mermaid – I get my mermaid design!
Zen – the design is hilarious and adorable
Wedding cat – hopefully I don’t lose this card before I can give it away next year to a couple who has a cat (which doesn’t look like the one pictured)
There are still more designs that I would have gotten if I was completely crazy but they didn’t speak as much to me (Tea hour, Thumb, Iriook, Bird Nest girl, Africa Journey, Adele). The first three above I have long had Ikea RIBBA frames to hang a trio of KETTO in E’s room. The two girly ones, I’ll just store away until some future date when I have a girly cave or something.

There is not too much more that I want from the site of the current designs, which is good because my order total slid in just under $100!

On this day..