2015: The year in review

This review comes late because I was out on my first New Year’s Eve in Vancouver (also first with NPY) and then went on a weekend road trip on January 1. And I also had large gaps in the middle of the year I was loathed to go through my calendar to fill in. But that’s what a calendar is for, isn’t it? And I finally I did my calendar review so here it is.

For once, I rang in the New Year in Toronto. The restaurant wasn’t open on New Year’s Eve so Mum and I head to Toronto. Five days and we had some fun cuisine including Red Lobster, Cross Bridge noodles, Turkish pizza and Egyptian breakfast! Then, in the middle of the month, we finally went on our long-awaited (since October) and truly fabulous getaway to Maui. It wasn’t all-inclusive but it was a work “conference” for best performers in 2014 so we were treated really well.

We spontaneously decided to go to Palm Springs with BIL and his girlfriend. An aunt of NPY’s has a condo there and I wanted to know what the deal is with a long weekend getaway. Well, it’s a fantastic place to retire, yet we made our fun going to the outlet, Joshua Tree National Park and a day trip to LA!

After an orientation session in February and a handful of webinars online, I was deemed prepared to prepare personal income taxes for low-income individuals and I did just so for three Saturdays. I had been intrigued about CVITP for a couple of years and finally got to do some skilled volunteering. It was tremendously satisfying. At the same time, I started a two-month “secondment” at work for a change of pace and experience.

Nothing to report occurred in April.

Given I was only jogging (not running) on the treadmill, it comes as no surprise that I ended up walking all of the BMO half-marathon. It was excruciating. The very next day, I walked 5K or so the treadmill read, for my first virtual run (walk).

Nothing to report occurred in June.

On July 24, one week early, our lives changed forever when E made an early appearance. My new Samsung Galaxy 6 Edge capacity rapidly diminished.

As it turned out the “confinement” that I balked in idea so much was pretty much what happened. I simply didn’t want to go anywhere and spent the time getting our new life under control. Meanwhile, we had visits from everyone and it was lovely to host them all.

My daddy came to visit and I started to get my act together and get out periodically with Ed.

My sister came to visit and it was a great excuse to try some new restaurants and have some adventure.

After being grounded since February, I finally went somewhere and continued my “streak” of fall trips: 2014 in SJ and SPeM, 2013 in London-Amsterdam-Paris, 2012 in Hawaii, 2011 in NYC and 2010 in China). It was just four days in Toronto (but what wonderous meals and desserts) and nine whole days in Halifax. It was a completely different pace but for good reason, to introduce E to his maternal grandmother and generally just for family to spend quality time with him. Also, I am self-sufficient and independent enough to travel domestically (four flights!) with an infant.

NPY and I went on our first “trip” since February and E’s arrival, a two-night roadtrip to Seattle-area. Over the holiday season, there was another flurry of visits. Honestly, everyone just wanted to see E and, frankly, I’m glad to have the heat off me! Then, I spent my first New Year’s Eve in Vancouver and first one with NPY and, naturally, E!

On this day..