A defunct running plan and resolutions

Almost a year ago, on January 30, I drafted a blog post to be published late last year/earlier this year and it was titled “New year, new running plan”. But my fabulous plans are dashed so here is the replacement blog post that is paltry by comparison and lacking the fanfare of the original intended post.

I had six events in mind to register for. Three were Rock ‘n’ Roll (RnR) series races and completing the three would earn┬áme to a most gorgeous limited edition Cascadia Heavy Medal. In fact, I learned that running in the Portland, Seattle and Vancouver races not only earned me three finisher medals (one for each race) and the Cascadia medal, but three others (1. participating in two RnR events 2. participating in three RnR events and 3. participating in RnR events in two countries). Seven medals for just three races! But it became painfully obvious by December the Portland race was not being held in 2016 and the limited edition Cascadia medal was limited indeed and no longer appears on the Heavy Medals webpage.

This was a blow to me as I had pinned such hopes on “making a comeback” this year, for lack of a better descriptor coming to mind. In 2014, it was the first year for Vancouver RnR and thus the Cascadia medal and I learned of the medal too late, after two of the three events were already over. In 2015, I was in no position to participate so I was going to get the trio done in 2016 posthaste. But it’s not to be.

The other three events I had penciled into my calendar feel lame by comparison. I am less than thrilled to do Longest Day Run at UBC (yawn) so I won’t register for now. I have registered for the Fairmont Mother’s Day Run with a friend because it is a special occasion for us and I hope a few other girlfriends will join us. The third event I’m mulling over is the Ride to Conquer Cancer!!

In a way, there is no better year for me to make time to ride enough to be ready for it (and raise money). NPY and I could do it together, achieve this thing. BIL and his gf can bring E along to “cheer us on”.

But … a lot of logistical barriers exist to us training enough. So …

So I’m going to tuck in here my resolutions for this year. I know I shouldn’t make any but I just can’t resist. And there’s just two of them.

  1. Lose the baby weight by my birthday (early March). “It takes nine months to put it on so give yourself nine months…” By my birthday it will be shy of eight months but let’s see how effective finally eating better and some amount of exercise can do. If only I had a running plan this year!
  2. Do things that I wouldn’t be able to do if I were not on leave. This resolution encompasses travel. I got a start on that last year with my November trip to Toronto and doing the Holly Jolly Fun Run. Less ambitious activities that do count include queuing for the holiday special sandwich from Meat + Bread back in December – I wouldn’t be able to do that if I were at work. Many of these activities will be spontaneous and probably food related. And I’m excited to firm up the travel ones.

On this day..