Crafting lately: personalized colourful wood growth chart

I had a few choices when it came to a growth chart for E.

BIL saw this when it was a work in progress and kept wondering why I didn’t designate a door frame and mark heights off there like we all used to do it. Because when you live in a condo, you don’t expect to stay there forever and you can’t take the door frame with you!

I could order a paper or vinyl chart from a Chinese website or US$20 for a gorgeous paper one from Petit Collage.

And if you look for wooden growth charts on Etsy, the plain ruler look starts at $40 and “add-ons” such as names start at $7 or so.

From the various inspirations, I decided to blend the ruler look with some fun personalization.

Here’s the list of my materials:

  • 4 – 12″ x 5.25″ pine panels @ $3.49 – all of which I got for at least 40% off at Michael’s
  • 4 – jungle animal wood cut-outs @ $0.89 – a clearance price at Michael’s
  • 4 – acrylic paint in primary colours from the dollar store @ $1
  • sponge paint “brushes” for smoother application of paint on the surface
  • 8 – large 3M command velcro strips – used 2 per panel
  • fine point black Sharpie
  • crafter’s glue from the dollar store


  • I avoided the lion cut out at first because I already used a lion on E’s door but then the other animals I procured were jungle dwellers so I switched out a blue dolphin for another lion – notice how on each panel, the animals stand taller and taller. E will be in the Lion Zone for a while while NPY and I (yes, believe it) are in Giraffe Zone, haha.
  • The font I used for the numbers is “Unkempt” which I drafted in a Google Doc to copy

Since I have about as many Pinterest fails as I have successes, NPY expresses his approval remarking, “Wow, you’re actually good at this craft stuff!”

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