Crafting lately: Perler meets Tsum Tsum in a custom clock

Quite a while ago (nearly a year), I ordered the parts to make a custom clock from a supplier in China off eBay. Naturally, it took over a month for the parts to come. (Now I know I can get better clock parts and relatively instantly if ¬†shop at Michael’s.)

When the parts finally arrived, I had a world of choice how to customize it. I could paint a geometric design. Or create a washi tape design. I was high off success using foam (and not adept at cutting wood) and used that medium to try to recreate the adorable¬†Uncommon Goods Fox Clock. I didn’t have the patience to sketch the fox properly and was limited by the dimensions of the foam so the clock hung sadly and unused.

Lately, Perler patterns for Disney characters in Tsum Tsum style have appeared in my Pinterest feed but I couldn’t make endless more assorted characters with no purpose. Then I saw a custom clock where each hour was a Pokemon icon rendered in Perler and I had my next crafty idea. Presenting…

the Disney Tsum Tsum Perler custom clock

Post-mortem notes:

  • I was haphazard in the placement of the red beads for the 1:00/2:00/4:00/5:00/etc hours.
  • The crapall clock kit I ordered has such dinky plastic hands and the hour hand is loose and perpetually points between 5:00 and 7:00. The minutes and seconds hands are accurate so I have an idea of time elapsed. It will just be rubbish for E to use to learn to tell time, LOL.
  • If I did this again, I would have glued the characters’ heads with portions off the clock face to lessen the crowding.

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