I got a monogram embosser, so now what?

I have long wanted an embosser and 2712 Designs has a Groupon offer every now and then. The first thing I purchased from them was a self-inking stamp for me and NPY for the nearly zero letters we mail out. Haha. Then the embosser was recently on offer and I nabbed it.

I was looking for monogram style (compared to those with addresses) and didn’t consider those that were just one initial. While I haven’t taken NPY’s name, I didn’t want to flaunt┬ámine either, if that makes sense. I was more than happy to be limited to the highly cursive Polka Dot and Classic monograms where I decided upon the former. Yes, it is the one that is more “girly” being circular and with polka dots. But it also seemed to me to take up less space.

Deciding on what initials to use was a little tricksy for me. My Chinese middle name is a two-parter with a hyphen (M-W) but I would just use the very first initial. 2712 Designs provides a short etiquette guide for monograms. I did try out my last name with NPY’s last name but it just didn’t look right or fill out the space to my liking. And the etiquette guide states, “Tradition dictates that a woman’s maiden initials are always appropriate to use”.

Now what to emboss? I thought it would be my favourite books but I’m hesitating. If only I wrote and people wanted physical letters!

On this day..