30-Day Challenges: Push-ups and Abs/Core

It just so happens that there are 30 days from the day I returned from San Francisco to the day we set sail for L.A., inclusive. That’s perfect timing to execute a 30-day workout challenge (or two). I don’t have the motivation or interest to do a real and varied 10 to 20 minute workout. There is a lot of Pinspiration out there in the form of instructional or infographic style illustrations that lay down the 30-day programs and I selected the following.

I decided to do a push-up challenge and abs/core challenge. Afterall, the push-up is the perfect exercise and everything begins with your core.

Here are some of my notes so far:

  • I set an alarm for each evening at 10:00 p.m. to remind me to get the day’s challenge done.
  • In the beginning, I did the day’s challenge in push-ups and followed it immediately with the abs/core challenge. But I think I will have to split up the effort later on.
  • I haven’t done 50 push-ups in a row before so this will be a first. I’m sticking with the wide-grip push-up – none of that modified stuff for me.
  • I haven’t planked for more than a minute and this challenge takes you to two minutes.
  • Side planks make me feel graceful and strong.
  • For the first two days, I wasn’t doing enough bicycles!
  • I roped my sister to do this challenge as well. It’s always better to have a workout/challenge buddy!
  • I downloaded the Interval Timer by dreamspark [Android] for the yoga workout I haven’t done yet…


Image from health.com


Image from therunningbug.co.uk

And… recently I was reminded by a blog post on Karen Cheng’s blog about the benefits of yoga. While I don’t wake up to aches and pains, my body isn’t going to be agile without work. I figure that E might be entertained and want to join his mum on some poses especially when he is an independent walker? One can hope.

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From dailyinfographic.com.

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