My experience with the Eat Your Heart Out! 7-Day Cleanse

In 10 days, I depart for San Francisco for a family wedding in Napa Valley. Then, 29 days after I return, we are off on a cruise to LA! Whee! Travel and the run-up travel-planning is so invigorating to me.

And I registered for a 10K race on September 17, because since we set sail on a Monday, the weekend before looked too blank for my liking.

So, to kick things off or kick start a Whole New Me (who am I kidding), I did this seven-day cleanse I pinned a while back. It looked intriguing, not too long, but still a challenge.


Day 1: Fruit Day
* smoothie of watermelon, blueberries, papaya + water: usually I use juice so this was gross – bland, bland, bland
* 2x plums from the Korean market – I can’t remember the variety but it was something different and so YUM
* 2x pear – tiny Barletts from an uncle’s backyard garden and hard as rocks, very unsatisfying
* 2x kiwi – gotta get through that clamshell I bought at Costco and this helped
* lemon water – yum
* mashed avocado with lemon/pepper/chili flakes: the freshly purchased avocado was overrripe and brown in spots so kind of gross – a pinch of salt could make this pop but I resisted
* strawberries – ate a whole 1-lb. clamshell of it, sweet and delicious
* I did not experience the anecdotal digestive issues, thank goodness – maybe because I’m used to eating fruits?

Day 2: Vegetables Day
* tomato/onion/kale/carrot dredges of a soup I made the night before, livened up with black pepper: was hungry at breakfast so this tasted good and it wasn’t bad in general, just not as tasty as the portion that had sausage added in
* mixed mushrooms (maitake, shimeji, white, king oyster) in garlic/grapeseed oil/pepper/herbes de Provence: it smelled so good when sauteeing but tasted bland, so I amped up the second helping with chili flakes
* cucumber water: maybe I should use English cucumber or the ratio was off but I disliked this
* baked potato + margarine/pepper: YES, thanks for this although my whole place smelled like potato for a day
* “zoodles” + eggplant noodles + canned diced tomatoes + pepper/chili flakes/dried basil: this was tastier and more tart than I thought it might be – I think there may have been salt in the diced tomatoes but I discarded the can the day I used the first portion

Day 3: Fruits + Vegetables Day
* cucumber-lemon water: still kind of yuck
* 4x Korean plums: some of the plums were not as sweet as the first two I ate
* “zoodles” + eggplant noodles redux: it was my lunch
* sliced avocado + lemon: this avocado hadn’t ripened enough but I enjoyed it anyhow
* cantaloupe
* well, no wonder I “fell off the wagon”, I didn’t realize I had eaten so little in the day so I ate more tomato/onion/kale/carrot dredges but this time with the sausage – aiya, the salt and meat, but at least it was no carbs – I was fortifying myself against the next day

Day 4: Bananas and Milk Day
* straightforward and done
* I even went to a cafe with TB and fortunately we could sit outside and no one saw that I was eating nothing but two bananas while there

Day 5: Fowl & Tomatoes
* six roasted tomatoes + grapeseed oil/pepper: I roasted tomatoes for the first time because I heard they really amp up the tomato flavour (lucky NPY had a delicious soup noodle dinner of the tomato/onion/kale/carrot vegetables and soup, a soft poached egg, a roasted tomato and boiled chicken thigh)
* six chicken drumsticks, boiled: since I threw the tomatoes and chicken together, I ended up being able to drag the chicken (which wasn’t bad being dark meat and all) through the juice/sauce
* three chicken thighs, boiled: a great side benefit of preparing this was coming away with a delicious chicken broth I could use for E’s congee on Day 6

Day 6: Fowl & Veggies
* ground turkey + “zoodles” + eggplant noodles in grapeseed oil/black & white pepper/chili flakes: not bad so I had a couple portions of this
* we went to a barbecue in the evening and I had to forgo chips (would have overeaten ketchup chips), most of the barbecued foods (would have had a burger AND hot dog in addition to the chicken I did have) and dessert which consisted of Black Forest Cake, tiramisu, Chapman’s Slice Cream served a la mode with neopolitan ice cream – I would have tried some of everything
* instead, I did find enough to eat that was Fowl & Veggies including barbecued chicken (with a slightly sweet glaze that had honey), sauteed mushrooms and grilled zucchini and bell peppers: none of the vegetables were too salty either, thank goodness

Day 7: Cabbage Soup Day
* I only got around to making the soup the day of and it took longer than expected for all the vegetables to be tender
* had two bowls for late breakfast and lunch; we went out for a while in the afternoon and after carrying E in an Ergo and getting warm in the mall, I felt faint (really hungry) and good thing we were headed home; had another 2 bowls for dinner and late night snack
* while NPY became a indisposed a couple of times during the day, I merely felt some discomfort – alas, would all this effort of making and drinking the soup not have the intended effect of, um, clearing me out? Only time (weigh-in the next morning) can tell!

Throughout Day 7, I had plotted and planned what I was eating on Day 8!
* strawberry Cheerios in vanilla almond milk (need to clear out the latter)
* snack of 10 pizza Ritz sandwiches (100 cals / just purchased at Walmart, salivating over it)
* cheesy toast that I’ve been feeding E and NPY but couldn’t have: Wonderbread topped with Monterey Jack and old Cheddar
* cheesy spinach scrambled eggs that I have been feeding E
* tall Iced Coconut Milk Mocha Machiatto – because there are bonus stars for ordering through Mobile Pay an iced espresso drink
* ham and cheese turnover (croissant): meeting up with my cousin for coffee – it was divinely buttery and flakey
* Portuguese-style rotisserie chicken with coleslaw vegetables dressed in Thousand Island dressing: NPY’s dinner on Day 7 and the delightful smell nearly drove me crazy!
* chocolate milk: NPY bought a whole bunch on sale but I couldn’t drink any all week and it’s expiring
* Tiramisu cake: leftover from the barbecue

It was not a weight-loss thing… but it is a weight loss thing when the cleanse’s tagline includes how much weight people might have on average lost. Would I be average? After two days, I had lost two pounds. After five days, I had lost five pounds. (It’s not looking promising.) And after the week, I only lost 4.2 pounds! Sheesh.

* It is possible for me to cut out caffeine (I usually have a green tea and occasional espresso drink) but it feels horrible.
* I thought about food a lot. And my lifestyle is not suited to this kind of regimented eating. It is not what E eats. And NPY won’t eat it. So I ended up making food for three different individuals. Yikes.
* I couldn’t finish up what E didn’t eat and it went to waste and that made me sad.
* Foods that were absent all week which I can definitely reduce going forward: dairy (at least the cow’s milk part, since I found some wonderful organic almond milk at Costco now – I won’t give up cheese and yogurt though!), red meat and wheat/rice carbs (it’s not fun, but I don’t need as much as I intake). Of course, some other things are missing like fish (I said my first meal after would be Sushi California and while it won’t be, perhaps I was craving it with how many tins of tuna and salmon I bought at the market on Day 7) and refined sugars (well, we all know to cut those – I can’t entirely, it seems, but it goes to show I could manage a whole week without).

On this day..