My New Normal

A little backstory: On Saturday, NPY dragged me to Burnaby where he had a hockey game so I went to Costco with the goal to get a long tiramisu cake for a barbecue we’d be going to later. But you know how it goes at Costco… Back to School is the current theme and while E doesn’t need school supplies like stationery, that doesn’t mean I didn’t quickly and impulsively plunk down my money for some food containers. I’ve coveted the Rubbermaid LunchBlox for a while and got the Costco-size that would be three sets and that is more than enough for now. And we don’t have a normal thermos so Contigo Kids thermos+food jar set fills that void.

As with new, juicy coloured, perfectly interlocking and stacked like artwork, it seemed like the LunchBlox were too pretty to use. But use them I did. There are three sets in total and I stored 1.5 sets for now.

I ordered labels from Dinkleboo (via Groupon) but not having received them yet, a Sharpie on masking tape is the stopgap.

On “Go Day” (Tuesday morning), E slept in, waking at 7 instead of 6 so I actually had the time to shower and then make myself a quick breakfast and prepare his breakfast (steamed frozen cubes of apple to stir into overnight oatmeal) and prepare our three lunch bags. Here is what I assembled for everyone.

* container of grapes: portioned out the night before
* thermos of green tea: made fresh

* coleslaw tossed in Thousand Island Dressing: portioned out the night before
* container of grapes: portioned out the night before
* rotisserie chicken: portioned out the night before
* 2 pears
* remainder of a bottle of orange juice

* 2 bottles of formula: formula was portioned out and water was boiled the night before so it could cool
* chopped kiwi: prepared the night before
* scrambled eggs with spinach and cheese: cheese cubed and spinached defrosted the night before; eggs prepared in the morning
* straw cup of water: poured in the morning
* bread sticks: cut in the morning

For me, for my first time, it was a Parenting Win. But we start all over again on Wednesday evening/Thursday morning. This was the first point where I was relieved he is in daycare only two days a week…!

On this day..