“I feel so accomplished” or something

My BIL is the first person I ever saw wearing Nike Flyknit shoes. He bought them years ago, it seems. They look very comfortable but otherwise weren’t much on my radar. Afterall, when it comes to athletic shoes, I only keep pouring my money into runners and they will have to suffice for the rare times I participate in activities requiring lateral movement. My generous work wellness program will reimburse me for runners and I have not tested or explored the policy regarding other athletic shoes.

When we went to Portland recently, we had only a short window of time to shop at the outlet mall and when I made a list of stores to hit up (Banana Republic, Ann Taylor, LOFT, Nike, etc.), I forgot about my long-standing wish to get green Converse kicks (or at least try some on). And when we met up with TB after, they had really scored at Converse. There were 50% off sales for July 4th Weekend and $15 off purchases of $75 such that they could get four pairs for a steal but the fourth pair was a filler purchase and was not needed. I could have been that fourth pair! I hate missing out on a deal.

Then, recently, it all came to a head. When Alan and I were waiting for our delayed flight to San Francisco two weeks ago, I noticed that the word on the tongue of his shoes was not the usual athletic brand. The word on the tongues was “WINNER” and I know why, too. He and his chef friends make an excellent chicken rice for special events under the name Winner Winner. The customized Nike Flyknit shoes he was wearing were a gift and they are sooooo comfortable.

Soon after, I was sitting in a window seat with E and the aloof and stylish Chinese woman sitting in the middle seat was wearing – you guessed it – Nike Flyknit shoes (and the Cartier-look of chunky white band sport watch and she had a Longchamp bag).

And then, of course, Extrapetite has been rocking her customized Nike Roshe’s for a few months and recently posted a #relationship- and #workoutgoals photo of herself wearing them. (Roshe is actually a versatile trainer model that can be dressed up or down that is more for walking or taking it easy.)

It was time for me to return to the Nike website and finally design my very own customized pair of Nike Free Flyknit shoes. I have visited the NIKEiD site before, saw the huge amount of choice and endless inspiration gallery and figuratively turned on my heel and left. I also read “10 Things You Need To Know About The Nike Free Flyknit”. I wasn’t really willing to give up Free or Flyknit but found that for Free Flyknit runners, there were only four choices for Upper colours: black, white, mottled green and mottled orange. For the Nike Free (not Flyknit), for example, there are 39 colour choices for Upper. Huh. I proceeded anyhow with the limited choice and showed NPY a mockup of a shoe with black Upper, blue laces and – yawn – it was really boring and NPY recognized that I had designed pretty a design identical to Nike Free’s he already owns.

If I chose a pre-existing design, there are 16 different colours so I put it in the hands of professional colour people at Nike. You can’t go wrong with that. The saddest part is that I could not then customize the words on the tongue. At the risk of being super sentimental, I may have chosen to put NPY’s name on one tongue and E’s name on the other. Super sappy but the (not so) inside joke is that their last name is homonymous with “tongue”. (Hahahaha…)  But, seriously, it’s a case of wearing my heart on my sleeve (shoe’s tongues) and oversharing anyhow.

I showed NPY my initial choices which are largely blue Uppers. We narrowed it down to the blue-on-blue on the left  because I really cannot stand the amount of pink on the right.


Later that day, we went to Sportchek on another errand but wandered by the shoe wall. It was too busy and I was too impatient to stick around to try on a pair but a coral pair of Nike Free (not Flyknit) caught our attention and NPY casually remarked that orange/coral was a “hottie colour”. He kind of retracted his comment later as I explored those colours but I know what he means. Blue is a safe colour. Coral or salmon or orange or yellow is screaming for attention and you are confident with yourself to have loud shoes and savvy enough to have on-trend colours. Coral/salmon/orange/yellow vs blue-on-blue is the colour equivalent of the current Chevrolet Cruze “Pleats” ad (which I’ve complained about not quite knowing who the target customer is).

First, I mulled and looked at the six different views the website offers for this colour option that is decided, unabashedly orange with an Upper in “Laser Orange”.

And decided upon Hyper Orange/Total Crimson/Pink Blast/White, the colours of the Upper/Flywire/Midsole/Swoosh. I adjusted my monitor brightness and all and it seems that “Hyper Orange” suggests coral and salmon colour but I’ll only know when I receive them. And I’ll only know the fit when I receive them which is nerve wracking because I only just now read from Extrapetite’s review of her Nike Frees (not Flyknit) that they run small and I ordered my usual size.

Speaking of deals, I did my usual check that I could use Ebates.ca and they coincidentally are running a 4x rebate event to celebrate their birthday for a total of 12% rebate at Nike.com. And my work wellness program. And it would just happen that the colour I ended up selecting was the only colour that was on sale at 20% off. Ebates and work reimbursement alone didn’t seem like a fabulous deal but the 20% off sale made it highly justifiable. It would be tacky to chatter about how much I paid but it really was a few things lining up just right.

On this day..