How I started using my dishwasher and Crafting Lately

In what is always just a whirlwind, my sister came to visit me (and E) and then left a week later. The great thing is how she made time to spend two nights at my place.

On the second evening, as I endlessly washed dishes, she broached the topic again that I should use my dishwasher.

“But where will I store the many miscellaneous things I store in the dishwasher??”

Lame excuse to not use the dishwasher, I know. So she found a home for many items including moving some into our storage room that worries me I will forget about them forever. Items I was storing in there included extra bottles of dishwashing liquid, a bottle of dishwasher rinse, cutting boards, a handmade cheeseboard that was a wedding favour, a 9″ x 13″ Pyrex glass plan with lid, a large plastic bowl for washing vegetables, a spatter-reducing lid for microwave reheating bowls of food, a David’s Tea teapot, and assorted feeding sets for E. But the act of finding homes for all those items does clear up the dishwasher for regular use and not only after I have so many dishes from hosting the in-laws (the last time I used the dishwasher).

It is enjoyable to be able to quickly clear the sink by loading dishes in the dishwasher and know that someone (something) – not I – will get to wash it clean. It is enjoyable to know that more of my dishes are getting used as we run the dishwasher every few days and not just the top of the stack of plates/bowls/coffee mugs is used. It is enjoyable that we are getting through the 40-pack of dishwasher pods that we purchased a while ago.

It is not enjoyable if I run the dishwasher too early in the evening to watch the countdown timer and get aggravated that it takes so bloody long. The simple solution is to run it in the later evening and just go to sleep.

Not that we have run into any problems yet, but it was a fun mini design copycat exercise to create a Clean/Dirty magnet.

cleandirty-aquagray cleandirty-facebook

After scanning pages and pages of options on, I re-created the two designs above and went through my usual “polling” which is to ask NPY, Lil sis and also consider my own preference. (Two votes for the aqua-gray one, until NPY saw the “Facebook” one for real and he liked it, too.) In the end, I went with the “Facebook” one because the graphics printed the wrong size and only the “Facebook” one fit on the magnet.


  • design in Powerpoint and printed on Avery labels
  • existing 4-cm diameter circular magnet
  • self-laminating sheet

Self-rating: Pass (I didn’t have the patience to find a glue stick so I used white glue that was lumpy. The who graphic is also a little off center as well.) The child who is curious about anything new he sees, quickly went after the magnet and endlessly sticks and unsticks it and since it is not sealed, the laminating sheet is already fraying. Well, that’s the joys of parenthood!

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