Blog forever home

Nearly seven years ago, after seven years of blogging, I bought my own domain name. The name I selected ( was a reflection of who I was at the time:

  • I didn’t want to shout out my full name (kind of similar to which is now
  • I thought it was a clever way to get across the pronunciation of my first and last name because there’s no wiggle room with that spelling
  • I was all concerned with showing the Chinese spelling of my surname.

But from nearly the very beginning, the domain name grated on me a little. I don’t like being addressed as “Wyn” but how would anyone know? And that spelling of my last name fell out of favour with me over the years.

My full firstname + lastname will be available indefinitely across all the domains but I wanted something tighter. Despite questions (but no pressure), I’m keeping my last name forever, and I switched to a .CA domain because I got tired of paying for privacy with a .COM domain.

So there you have it, my blog forever home (until I changed my mind and I hope I don’t):

Update (27 January): 24 days after I purchased this new domain name, after considering it for a few years but not acting, I received a message through CIRA from a Mr. Wlock regarding the┬ádomain. I hardly thought that was a real name so I (1) looked him up on Facebook and (2) inquired about the origin of his name. Turns out it is a Polish surname and basically all the Wlocks in Canada are related to each other. ┬áNot that he offered anything to me if I could part with it, but in a split-second, I knew how much I wanted I am happy with my decision to get it…. “Mine!”


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