New theme, new headers

Installing a new WordPress theme (Dyad) means a blog refresh and motivation to update my header images. I only went back as far as E’s birth month because, otherwise it’s too many photos to sift through! I did not consider using any food photos and conclude that I am very much about using photos that suggest a high sense of order. Here are the stories behind each header image.

2 August 2015: This is our patio set-up when it is tidy and on display. Yes, fake grass rug. But normally, the cushions are stored indoors, the chairs are stacked on each other, and it’s really dusty because of the construction going on next door.

11 August 2015: E’s closet, sorting his clothes roughly by age but generally by physical size, as was suggested by my cousin Addy. Later, I sorted by size listed on the tag and type, in this order: short-sleeved onesies, (short-sleeved) t-shirts, short-sleeve playsuits, long-sleeve onesies, long sleeve shirts, long-sleeve playsuits, pajamas (long-sleeved footed onesies), sweater and hoodies, outdoor clothing!

12 August 2015: Since starting to Perler some time during pregnancy (it distracted me from carpal tunnel in both my wrists), I now often wonder if there isn’t a Perler solution to a given maker problem I encounter. Like when I wanted to make dividers for his clothing above!

3 October 2015: There are fall colours in Vancouver, if fleeting. This is the view from my condo.

14 October 2015: Imagery from the Madonna Rebel Heart concert my sister and I went to as my birthday gift from her.

17 October 2015: This image is actually upside down you can’t really tell. I thought this was an airport but given the date, I know it’s not, so I don’t know where this was anyhow.

23 November 2015: A blend of my new-found ability to sew (operate a sewing machine) and my obsession with Star Trek.

14 December 2015: That spontaneous visit to Funko headquarters in Everett, WA. The sales director took me on a tour and this is the CEO’s office.

23 April 2016: Cliff Eyland’s 5,000-piece installation illustrating the “library narrative”, found behind the circulation desk of the new Halifax Public Library, Spring Garden Road Branch.

23 April 2016: The wall outside Good Robot Brewing Company in Halifax.