Vancouver’s Hot Chocolate Festival 2017

So, one of my New Year’s Resolution was to post more often* on Instagram. I like telling a short story with the photo – it being like microblogging and all. With my Hot Chocolate Festival adventures, I’m well on way to being successful with this resolution!

21 January: Terra Breads with my Aunt Cindy

#56 – “A MATCHA MADE IN HEAVEN” Drinking hot chocolate made with melted Cacao Barry Zephyer white chocolate and vanilla matcha. Served with matcha shortbread.
#57 – “I AM COCONUT OVER YOU“ Drinking hot chocolate made with melted Cacao Barry Fleur de Cao 70% dark chocolate, coconut, cream and toasted coconut chips. Served with coconut macaroon.

6 February: back at Terra Breads with just E

23 January: Chocolate Arts with NPY and E

#17 – “DRUNKEN LOVE” A bowl of red wine ice cream topped with a red wine reduction. Served with a rich, hot chocolate and a shortbread cookie.
#19 – “CHERRY O, CHERRY O BABY!” Cherry pannacotta drenched with Chocolate Arts’ signature “Allure” hot chocolate. Served with a cherry brownie

27 January: Mink Chocolates with Brenda

#45 – TRUMP Make Hot Chocolate Great Again – our classic milk or dark hot chocolate over a Bully Boy Distillers Boston Rum truffle. Served with a piece of beef jerky.
#46 – “HOT PEA PEA” Pure couverture chocolate and Ripple “pea milk”. Served with a baby carrot.

30 January: Swiss Bakery with cousin Alan

#51 – “THE SHINING STAR” A 65% bittersweet dark chocolate from France blended with coconut milk and illuminated with turmeric spice. Paired with a starry chocolate cookie.

31 January: Bella Gelateria (Coal Harbour) with NPY

#7 – “THE RED TRUCK” (flavoured with alcohol) This is a stout beer/hot chocolate collaboration with Red Truck Brewery using their popular “Dry Nibbed Stout” with its notes of coffee and chocolate. The chocolate is a 72% dark chocolate from Venezuela with notes of fruit and acidic overtones Served with a soft chocolate and Stout cookie.
#8 – “ERIN GOES VEGAN” A vegan hot chocolate drink made by infusing the newest product in Erin Ireland’s “To Die For” line of baked goods, her “Vegan Pumpkin Bread”, with almond milk and a house blend of three different chocolates (58%, 72% and 85%). Served with a piece of “To Die For”‘s amazing Vegan Pumpkin Bread.

1 February: Soirette with co-worker Andrea

#49 – “D’OH” Dark chocolate chip cookie dough hot chocolate. Served with a cookie dough toasted marshmallow.
#50 – “GRASSY ROOTS” Lemongrass and galangal white hot chocolate. Served with a lime leaf shortbread.

2 February: Bella Gelateria with Karin and Edna.

#11 – “C3”
Chocolate, caramel and coffee! Using a 63% roasted chocolate from Venezuela, blended with local coffee roaster Milano’s gold medal winner espresso and Bella Gelateria’s famous salted burnt caramel gelato. Served with “A La Futura” expresso biscotti.
Bella Gelateria roasts Texas pecans in-house and blends them with Vancouver Island Sea Salt and a 58% dark chocolate from France, redolent with fruity, woody and roasted notes. Served with a bar of carmelized pecans with local organic honey.

8 February: Bel Cafe – just me

#05 – “PRETTY IN PINK” Valrhona Ivorie White chocolate with rose oil, vanilla and freeze-dried raspberry. Served with vanilla shortbread. Available: February 1 – 14

* Not a SMART goal. Which I know I need to make. So the specifics were to post at least twice a month or every two weeks, thereabouts.

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