Registered: MEC Halifax Race Two – Citadel Highlander


For once, I remembered to Google (actually, Bing, but I’ll get to that in another post), for running events occurring in the cities I’m visiting. How many times have I arrived somewhere unprepared for a last-minute registration and carrying a huge amount of regret during the trip? Too many times.

Nothing is going on of note in Toronto in the three days I’m there but MEC is holding their Halifax Race Two the weekend I’m in town and their second race of the year is the Citadel Highlander. It doesn’t get any better than this!

One of the iconic, must-see sites in Halifax is Citadel Hill and I’ve visited plenty of times but never had access to the inner ditch and ramparts. We get to run around that! Neat! I wish E were old enough to run but he’ll be there to cheer me on (hah) and take pictures with the mascot. I’ve got to get my mum to dig out our smallest kilts because kids are invited to come in kilts!

I found out about it today and set a reminder to register at the end of the month but I couldn’t resist and registered a few hours later!

And… I just realized I should stop thinking I might do the Vancouver Marathon 8K this year on May 7 – depending on shirt colour – I’m not actually in town!

On this day..