Upcoming (Spring 2017 edition)

It’s March and spring is in the air and things begin again anew and I am unwittingly internalizing some of that feeling.

This year, for my third year, I am volunteering through CRA’s CVITP program to assist eligible individuals in my community who have modest incomes and simple tax situations. Last year, I was on mat leave so I clearly had time to volunteer. E was feeding every few hours so accommodations were made so NPY could drop by with E during my four-hour shift. He saw my name tag read, “10th Tax Help” and thought I was tenth in ranking of all the volunteers – haha. It is so named because my CVITP group has graciously been given use of office space in a Tenth Church (which is actually located on 10th Avenue).

After four Saturdays (almost 20 hours) of volunteering/outreach, then I’m free to resume aerial classes at Tantra Fitness. It’s been at the back of my mind but then came back to the fore after talking to my cousin Meg who gave me the low-down on the class offerings of each of the Tantra studios and I only have to go as far as Gastown (downtown) to do Silks.

It has been a long hiatus – three and a half years – but it’s “now or never”. Tantra revamped their Silks series class naming from “Silks L1 Class 1-4” (Level 1 Classes 1-4), such that you can take any Level 1 class in any order and collect three colours: Turquoise, Sapphire and Teal. For Level 2, there are six colours to collect: Jade, Forest, Emerald, Olive, Lime and Mint.* After Level 2, one goes to “Silks Lab” which sounds fancy and I’ll get to what when I get to it.

In just under two months, I’m taking a week off and getting out of the city with E. It should be the second last set of free flights he will get to take so it was timely that IĀ could take some vacation in May when the weather is good and before high season. Heh – my colleague Andrea invited me and E to join her and her mother going to New York; of course NPY forbade that, and then he grudgingly allowed us to go to Halifax and Toronto instead.

As if that is not enough, as of the time of this writing, Andrea and I just registered for the Whistler Half Marathon 10K run. I can’t say I know much about the event but it’s a mini-destination run – in gorgeous Whistler in June.

I know it’s a hilly course. I know there is a trail component. The elevation didn’t look that off-putting. I’ve done so many 10Ks – albeit the last one was in 2014 – and if it’s likely to my biggest race of the year, it’s okay if the difficulty ups it to a “12- or 15K equivalent”. But Andrea’s Ironman friend say it’s hard. Which makes me all the more want to beat this course…!

* I couldn’t help it, I just had to visualize the colours in some way.
Source: For the colours RGB Color Code

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