Summer fitness plan (still on the Class Pass bandwagon)

Since February, I’ve been holding in some kind of pattern but it’s a different season and it’s time to shake things up with respect to my fitness. In the recent past, I have had a rude awakening about my complacency towards my routine. Specifically, a Hell’s Bells (dumbells, sandbells, kettlebells) class my colleague led at Steve Nash was a wake-up call that my resistance training is inadequate and my cardio non-existent. But… all is not lost!

The old (complacency) plan:

  • Class Pass “Core” membership – 5 classes per month, with a maximum of 3 classes at a single studio ($55)
  • Ballet Lounge membership – 4 classes per month ($73)

I was spending nearly $130 per month for 9 classes. Sometimes, the five classes was not enough and I would purchase a 3-class add-on pack ($25). Those were splendid months when I had so many things planned that I would need more classes.

Since I like to look at my plan in blocks of weeks at a time, I started to get annoyed because my Class Pass cycle started on the 14th of the month and my Ballet Lounge membership was on the 1st of the month. I did not/cannot look at two calendar months at a time in Google Calendar. So, in the middle of June, I cancelled my Class Pass membership only to start it again on the first of July to get its dates to align with my Ballet Lounge membership, and the month start in general. I wasn’t in town the last week of June so it was no loss to not have the membership. Only … when I resumed my Class Pass membership on July 1, there was no longer a “Core” membership that had a three-class max and it was down to two class maximum at a single studio. This was incentive amidst the rude awakening to make a change…

The current plan:

  • Class Pass 10-Class Plan – 10 classes per month, max 3 classes at a single studio ($95)
    • 3x Body Balance – 3 out of 4 Tuesdays in a month at lunch
    • 3x Ballet Lounge – a mix of Thursday lunch and Sunday morning Ballet Bootcamp
    • 1x spin class with Ed
    • 1x yoga class with Ed (maybe – I don’t like yoga)
    • 2-3x Tantra Fitness – Wednesday night Cirque Stretch or Thursday night Splits-ability

With 10 classes over 10 days figured out with Class Pass, what should I do the other 20-odd days in the month?

  • 2x rest per week > 8 days of the month
  • Leaving 12 cardio days (or, 3 days per week) of elliptical – if I’m felling lazy – or an outdoor run < I’m a runner again!
  • It’s not actually that bad – somehow, it’s not hard to fill the 12 days what with Andrea finding activities for us to do, hiking in the summer, long bike rides standing in for a workout, etc.

I was sad for the Ballet Lounge that I was ending my membership and I provided feedback that I am continuing visiting them through Class Pass instead of a studio-specific membership because they are so generous a studio that most of their classes are on Class Pass. It is unlike Body Balance where I cannot take certain lunch-hour classes and particularly the Friday advanced class through Class Pass.

Otherwise I continue to enjoy using Class Pass and since the last time I wrote about it, the new places I have tried include Spin Society, Urban Fitness (yoga), Eastwood (spin), Lagree (Pilates with Megaformer machine), and Oxygen Yoga!

And while I was doing my “research” for this post, I noted how the Class Pass membership pricing differs from one city to the next reflecting the differences in standard of living and cost of access to studios. Check out this list of prices by city for 5-class/10-class plans:

  • Vancouver $55/95
  • Toronto $65/115
  • New York $75/135 < USD!!
  • Columbus/Las Vegas/Portland/etc $45/79
  • London £55/105

On this day..