I’ve finally broken even with my Mobi bike sharing membership

Back in the beginning of July, I joined Mobi purchasing the 365 Day Pass Standard for $135.45 (that’s $129 plus tax) that gives me unlimited 30-minute rides for a year.

At $2.20 per 1-zone subway ride that a bike ride home replaces, it would take 62 rides to break even with riding transit and only thereafter, I would start saving money. But with my work’s fitness reimbursement that covers 75% of the cost of the bike sharing membership, I only had to go on 16 rides to break even with the amount I paid (after reimbursement). I did the latter just about one month. (So I have been saving money for a while…) Meanwhile, it took six months to save the full membership cost.

Since the reporting on the Mobi website doesn’t really suit my goals, I have been tracking on my own and share a few months of tracking. I’ve hidden pick-up and drop-off stations are hidden for my privacy and the ride highlighted in green is the fastest of the month along my “usual route”.

July rides – the first month


September rides – where I clocked my fastest ride home so far

December rides – where I broke even with the full membership amount! YAY!!

As of today (just over six months of membership), I have:

  • Taken 68 trips
  • Ridden 195.421 km
  • Saved $136.40

On this day..