Year in review: 2017

Let’s run through this quickly! Who wants to dwell on this year anyhow?

Nothing much of note happened in January and in February, I went slightly bonkers for hot chocolate again.

In March, I volunteered for CVITP again (my third year). April was my trip to Halifax and the botched up MEC 5K run. Seriously, I quit running after that. Meanwhile, fitness was in full swing.

Technically speaking, in May, I was in Toronto. It sounds like a different trip but it was just the Toronto portion of my east coast trip before returning to Toronto. While I was on the east coast, thanks to checking work mail, I snagged a weekend in Whistler which was a fun impromptu getaway. In the beginning of June, I went to Vegas for my sister’s stagette and we were in Toronto at the end of the month for the wedding.

Which meant that we spent July 1, Canada Day (sequicentennial year) in Toronto. In the rest of July, I was pretty intense about working out – summer can be so inspiring – with my first visit to Soulcycle and Equinox. After July, nothing happened in August.

In September, I was busy planning a birthday banquet to mark NPY (and his high school classmate’s) 40th birthday. I also got the Inspiration Pass after years of being on the list. So, in the beginning of October, we still had the Inspiration Pass which, between multiple Thanksgiving gatherings, made life feel busy. At the end of the month, E marked the first Halloween where he understood the occasion – it was super fun.

Nothing of much note or could be noted happened in November. But then December! E and I took an Air Canada flight pass to Halifax in early December and we both got sick and ruined the trip. We had some really sad news but then I finally got a new job so that’s an exciting way to finish off the year!

On this day..