I just googled “How to calculate the difference between two hex codes?”

Sometimes I feel like I’ve lost all nerdiness and geekiness.

Earlier today, I was fan-girling over David’s Tea’s current design of tins and Perfect Spoons. Like, fan-girling hard. I have to restrain myself from buying more spoons in new enticing colours because I already have THREE.

David’s Tea has great marketing. Besides the wonderful colours, there’s the names: Midnight Botanical Tea Tin (that is so mine by the end of the day, if not sold out) and spoons in Dewdrop, Gold, Cornflower, Peony Pink and Lilac. I told a friend that since I can’t buy everything that catches my eye, I have a Pinterest board to collect everything I want to buy. LOL. And then I just ran into an excuse to blog so I quickly threw together the image below (thanks, Powerpoint) to celebrate the accessory colours described above.

Several years ago, I googled “David’s Tea hex color code” because I was making some labels for loose leaf tea favours. Easy. My favourite colour site has a page and the RGB is 4, 178, 177.

Then I was watching a work video making an exciting announcement and I noticed the joyful use of a teal that looks so much like David’s Tea teal. It was used alongside and obviously complemented yellow blocks of colour that is my company’s signature colour. I am resourceful – I like to say – and referred to our branding materials and saw that our “Special Use Blue” RGB is 0, 163, 174. Remarkably close in numbers and hence remarkable close to the naked eye.

All of which lead me to wonder if there was an online calculator – for what purpose anyhow?? – that tells you the percent difference between two codes. I found lots of snippets of code to do the calculation. Naively, the total difference is 22 (4 + 15 + 22) out of a possible 768 (3 * 256)? 2.9%.

Yeah, not knowing or bothering to work it out thoroughly indicates where my geekiness ends!

Also, my eye is not really that discerning. Above is a side-by-side comparison of the two codes, after some colour distortion due to using inferior graphics software!

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