Barre precedent, and thoughts about Flickr/SmugMug/photo storage

In recent news, Flickr (acquired by Yahoo! a million years ago) has now been acquired by SmugMug. People will be automatically transferred to SmugMug at the end of May unless they delete their Flickr account and of course a lot of people will be auto-transferred because deleting your Flickr account (mine has some 31,000+ photos) is too much for in the course of one month.

I was an early adopter of Flickr and stuck with it after the Yahoo! acquisition even as Google Photos seemed (scarily) smart. I still don’t use Google Photos and try to switch off auto-uploading to photo sites although my Samsung phone likes to upload to One Drive (sheesh). I was never really big on the Flickr community but the obsessive side of me wanted to tag everything properly (but not excessively). Around five years ago, I really dropped off with keeping up my Flickr with recent photos and that is evidenced by the diminishing effort I put into my “20xx Faves” albums – where I would hand-select my favourite photos of the year. It felt like a chore to upload the kid’s photos to Flickr when it’s just for archiving and not to share. These days, I use One Drive (and pay for it!) to store my photos. It’s not the best because it’s not a photo site but I like how it feels like a hard drive. I like how my files are still named as when I uploaded them and I can get them back easily as the original files.

So, I’m trying to get my photos and delete what is on Flickr – it’s my next month’s project. It’s aggravating but also a good push to shut my account down once and for all.

One album I created in 2009 when I had all the time in the world as one containing book covers, to display my library. to no one in particular. However, I’m inspired to throw my Asian/Asian-American/Asian-Canadian titles into a Tablepress for the other blog to catalogue my library in a blog post for once.

Otherwise I’m deleting the other book covers images. One I glimpse made me smile: Peter Martins’ New York City Ballet Workout: Fifty Stretches and Exercises Anyone Can Do For A Strong, Graceful, And Sculpted Body. I actually bought this 1997 volume twice. It got waterlogged and wrinkly sitting in a flooded basement so I bought it a second time. When I finally opened it, I was surprised and disappointed that it was not ballet technique that was within the pages, but conditioning. Huh.

Which is pretty much what barre is. Back in 1997, before barre fitness was a thing, I was into it!

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