Crafting lately: hacked the Ikea LÄTT

As with so many things I didn’t craft this particularly lately. The Instagram post below is from over six months ago!

We didn’t get a bed from Ikea this past weekend – here’s hoping for next weekend! – but it was high time I did something about E’s play table and chairs that has been unopened for months (and months and months). This past weekend, I’ve been trying to stay distracted from stuff and procrastinate from some other stuff so working with my hands, working towards a deadline of the end of the long weekend, went a great way towards keeping me busy. Once I see a project within my capabilities, I just can’t shake the idea and I have to pursue it, see my incarnation of the idea. I’m halfway decent at imitating others and the end product is impressive. But I’m not so good at making sure it really lasts, e.g., Halloween costumes that are fragile. In the case of this table, I’ve used one coat of craft acrylic. With regular toddler exposure, it’s going to have a “distressed” “shabby chic” look in no time! #Ikea #Ikeahack #IkeaLATT #diy #crafty #maker #teal #polkadots

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Materials used:

  • Polka dot wrapping paper from dollar store
  • 2x rolls contact paper
  • Turquoise acrylic paint
  • Sponge painters
  • Double-sided tape


  • Double-sided tape down the wrapping paper to the table surface then applied contact paper
  • One coat of paint – easily distressed when it scratches against something
  • Two evenings, a few hours

I’m super pleased with the transformation of a totally Plain Jane Ikea product. The table and chairs have a slim profile and I can stack the chairs on the table to clean under the table while the chairs regularly tuck tightly in under the table. It is light enough that E can move it around himself but I can hide it in a corner of the apartment.


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